Two Days After Saying Cops Will "Have To Come And Get Me," BK Brawler Is Busted In Alabama

The BK Brawler is behind bars.

Nekiva Hardy, the Alabama woman who was videotaped busting up a Burger King during a spring break trip to Florida, was arrested this afternoon by cops in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama and jailed without bond in advance of her expected extradition to the Sunshine State.

The March 19 outburst by Hardy at the Panama City Beach eatery was filmed by a fellow patron, who uploaded the video to YouTube (and, in turn, made Hardy a minor Internet star). She was arrested today in connection with a criminal complaint charging her with felony criminal mischief, two counts of misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Hardy, 30, was originally charged with only simple battery, a misdemeanor, and was released after posting $500 bond.

She was re-arrested earlier today by task force officers from the United States Marshals Service and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Her bust came about an hour after Florida law enforcement faxed their Alabama counterparts a warrant for Hardy’s arrest and two days after a TSG reporter asked if she planned to voluntarily surrender on the new charges. “Fuck them, they’ll have to come and get me,” she replied, adding, “It’s gonna be hard to find me.”

As it turned out, her apprehension was not that hard--she was taken into custody at her Lark Street home.

Hardy (pictured above in her latest Alabama mug shot) will now have the opportunity to waive extradition to Florida, according to Captain Phil Sanders of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. If she opts to do that, Florida cops will come and get her. However, if she chooses to fight extradition, Hardy will have to appear before an Alabama judge, and that process could entail her remaining in the county jail up to 60 days, said Sanders.

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BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!! I concur! I'll be hard to find...as long as you don't come looking for me at the house!
At what point in her life do you think she thought this kind of behavior was ok? It had to be prior to her BK incident...do you think it was a gradual slippery slope?
Now we have to pay for her public defender, pay for her representation to protect her "Constitutional Rights", pay for her trial, sentencing, conviction, detaining and transportation to a prison facility, clothes, food, medical treatment, dental care, custody of her children-Can we hope that at least the State suspends her eligibility for welfare, food stamps and other social services-this droopy-eyed wingnut is going to break us!!!
Might as well put her and her children down right? Make sure they dig thier own grave too. Save bullets and line em up. The world would be a better place without them dragging us down... sigh. Whine all you want but most people like yourself bring very little to the table when it comes to solutions.
@Working Liberal - Since you obviously feel that the justice system won't protect this woman's rights, why don't you become her champion, guarantee her cooperation with the courts and have her stay in your guest room until the trial? Maybe, just maybe, after dealing with this self-centered half-wit your arrogance and patronizing condescension will be tampered a bit. Sigh.... but I doubt it, you're already rolling your eyes at your teacup yorkie Tinkles and typing up a scathing rebuttal on the IPad2 daddy's Titanium Amex bought you.
I think you misinterpretted my post. My point is what is the point of complaining about all the costs accociated with taking her to court and putting her in prison. What is the alternative that will prevent your constant whining? Yeah and for the record I grew up in the city of Philadelphia w/o money. I got good grades, got a scholarship, went to college and now paying for college myself and typing on my Ipad 2 which I paid for. Some people are liberals because they are idiots and some people are liberals because they took advantage of the OPPERTUNITIES the gov't gave them. I'm real curious what the f you have done with your life - LOSER.
Don't have a coronary. The tab we'll be picking up for all this is miniscule compared to the taxpayer money we've been wasting on Bush's illegal war in Iraq and the decades-long failure known as the "War on Drugs". I have no problem with my taxes going to prosecute and incarcerate a violent criminal to protect the rest of society. I do have a problem with my money being wasted by idiot prosecutors and sheriffs to lock people up for using drugs.
"I do have a problem with my money being wasted by idiot prosecutors and sheriffs to lock people up for using drugs." Honestly, think about that statement........do you realize how many people on drugs commit violent crimes? Sheesh, and the left thinks they have the solutions to everything. Oh, and what about Obama's illegal warmongering and what is he doing about the crippling drug problem after two years in office (aside from advocating the usage, that is).
The war on drugs is costly. We could always legaize some.