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    Incensed that the price of sausage biscuits at Waffle House had increased by 50 cents, a Georgia man shattered the eatery’s door, according to cops who busted the diner Sunday morning.

    Police say that Mitchell Feinberg, 39, became upset when, upon being presented his check, he discovered that the price of biscuits had been raised to $1.50. 

    After throwing his bill to the floor of the eatery in Brookhaven, an Atlanta suburb, Feinberg stormed out of the Waffle House. Cops allege that Feinberg punched the door as he exited, shattering the glass.

    Pictured below, Feinberg was subsequently tackled by officers outside Waffle House. He claimed to have “barely kicked the door” as he exited, adding that he “did not want to open the greasy door with his hand,” according to a police report.

    A Waffle House employee told police that Feinberg claimed that “someone had only charged him $1 on previous dates when he ordered” a sausage biscuit. A waiter who served Feinberg said that he became “belligerent and loud when he received the bill.” The worker added that Feinberg said, “damn, damn, damn” while complaining about the price of his meal.

    Feinberg was charged with felony damage to business property, along with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. The Atlanta resident is being held in the DeKalb County jail in lieu of $2500 bond.

    Prior to getting locked up, Feinberg was treated at a local hospital for scratches on his leg and injuries to his thumb. It is unclear whether he was hurt by the cascading glass or the police takedown.

    In a Facebook post, the Brookhaven Police Department offered biscuit aficionados some advice: “When the Waffle House employee tells you the sausage biscuit is no longer $1 and the new price is $1.50 please refrain from punching the glass door open while storming out. Glass tends to shatter when met with such force and you will be swiftly taken into custody.”

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    Florida police are on the lookout for the persistent Glory Hole Driller.

    A municipal employee contacted cops Friday morning to report that a criminal mischief had occurred inside the men’s bathroom at Treasure Shores Beach in Vero Beach.

    Specifically, worker Brad Dewson reported discovering a “circular hole drilled into the divider wall separating the urinals from the toilets.” Dewson told police that he previously patched up a similar hole.

    “Based on the location of where the hole was drilled, it is commonly used for male subjects to place their genitalia through it and have oral sex performed on them,” a sheriff’s deputy noted.

    A police report--which does not describe the size of the most recent hole--notes that investigators have no information on the mysterious driller. As a result, the case, but not the bathroom itself, is listed as “inactive.”

    Note: The above image depicts a representative hole in a wall, not the handiwork of the wanted Glory Hole Driller.

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    After being pulled over for driving at night without her headlights on, a “fidgety” Florida woman exhibited several signs of intoxication, according to a recent police report.

    The motorist failed a series of field sobriety tests. Since her blood alcohol content registered a .000, police suspected--correctly as it turned out--that the driver was impaired due to the ingestion of some kind of illegal narcotics.

    But what likely convinced officers that the woman was driving under the influence was what happened when she was asked for her driver’s license. The subject, cops noted, "attempted to hand the officer a baseball card."

    Sadly, the report does not indicate why the woman was carrying a baseball card. And while cops did not identify the player pictured on the card, we would like to think that it was Daniel Murphy, second baseman for the New York Mets.

    Murphy, 30, is the current Employee of the Month for the Queens, New York-based New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc.. Murphy is scheduled to lead the Mets to victory over the Kansas City Royals in the 2015 World Series, which begins tomorrow.

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    An “irate” South Carolina man repeatedly punched his stepfather in the head after the older man spilled his stepson’s cup of Kool-Aid, police charge.

    Armon Magellan Jones, 32, is facing an assault count for allegedly pummeling 57-year-old John Lesley during a confrontation late Saturday in their home in Rock Hill, a city 25 miles south of Charlotte.

    According to a Rock Hill Police Department report, Lesley told an officer that he and Jones “began arguing over a cup of Kool-Aid that Lesley had knocked over.” The dispute, cops noted, “quickly escalated and Jones became irate.”

    Lesley told police that Jones punched him several times in the head. The assault, cops reported, caused “visible injury to Lesley.”

    Jones, seen at left, fled on foot following the attack, but was arrested two hours later when he returned to the residence (officers found him hiding behind the door in his bedroom). He was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery.

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    An Iowa resident arrested for stealing a taxi moments after his release from a Des Moines hospital told cops that he boosted the ride because he did not want to walk the six blocks to his residence.

    According to police, Luis Orellana-Rivera, 26, hopped into a running cab parked outside Mercy Medical Center. The taxi driver told cops that he pulled up to the hospital’s front doors and left the car running as he made a delivery to the blood bank.   

    Pictured in the above mug shot, Orellana-Rivera allegedly swiped the car around 6:15 AM Friday, immediately after his discharge.

    Shortly after the taxi’s owner reported the vehicle stolen, Des Moines Police Department cops used GPS data to locate the Ford Crown Victoria, which was parked less than a mile from the hospital.

    Orellana-Rivera was arrested as he exited the vehicle, which was in a lot behind his former residence. A “friend/former roommate” told police that Orellana-Rivera “has been having mental issues lately due to drug usage,” and has been “delusional and paranoid.”

    Orellana-Rivera, who had the cab’s keys in his pants pocket, told police that he opted to steal the car instead of walking home from the hospital. Orellana-Rivera, who spent about six hours at the medical center, was wearing a hospital bracelet and had a pulse oxygen device still attached to his finger when apprehended.

    Orellana-Rivera was arrested for felony theft and jailed in the Polk County lockup (where he is being held in lieu of $5000 bond).

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    An Iowa collegian who is apparently a big fan of booze and TV’s “Scandal” called 911 early this morning claiming to be “Olivia Pope,” and reported a sighting of “Cyrus Beene” outside an Iowa City bar, police say.

    Cops responding to the 2:45 AM emergency call were flagged down by Kelsey Cousins, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student who is a member of the school’s rowing team.

    Officer Brad Reinhard reported that Cousins, seen at right, “kept talking about ‘Olivia Pope’ and about a car with a bomb in it that was heading to the White House.” The cop added that, “‘Olivia Pope’ is a television show character and everything that defendant stated was nonsensical and rambling.”

    Actress Kerry Washington stars in “Scandal” as Pope, a Beltway fixer and presidential mistress. The “Cyrus Beene” character, played by Jeff Perry, is a scheming manipulator who was fired from his post as White House chief of staff.

    The underage Cousins, according to a police report, smelled of alcohol, suffered from impaired speech and balance, and had bloodshot, watery eyes. She reportedly copped to drinking and possessing a fake ID.      

    Following her arrest for public intoxication, Cousins, seen above, took a Breathalyzer test that registered her blood alcohol content at .206, more than twice the legal limit. She is also facing a second misdemeanor charge for misuse of the 911 system.

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    A woman caught stealing a pair of Calvin Klein dresses and a Michael Kors jacket told cops that she swiped the fancy threads because she “needed something to wear to her son’s High School Football Banquet,” according to a police report.

    Despite that explanation, Aree Riveros, 58, was still arrested on a felony theft charge for allegedly boosting the garments Saturday from a Macy’s in Clearwater, Florida.

    The clothing, valued at $428, was found in Riveros’s purse after she was confronted by security upon exiting the store.

    Riveros, pictured at left, is free on $2000 bond.

    An arrest affidavit does not explain why the Tampa resident needed two dresses for her son’s gridiron banquet, though a mid-meal wardrobe change would likely impress fellow attendees.

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    A Florida probationer recently marked Breast Cancer Awareness Month by walking into Walmart and stealing an assortment of garments branded with pink ribbons and the Susan G. Komen logo, cops allege.

    According to a criminal complaint, Laura Gillette swiped the clothing earlier this month from a store in Leesburg, a city about 45 miles northwest of Orlando.

    Investigators allege that Gillette, 46, concealed the garments inside a shoebox before walking out of Walmart. But Gillette, seen below, was quickly apprehended by security guards who had been monitoring her activity via store surveillance cameras.

    Gillette’s October 3 haul included “Fight of Cancer” yoga pants, a “Susan G. Komen pink yoga pant with the cancer ribbon,” a Komen hoodie with the words “Hope in Pink,” a Komen “Join the Fight” jacket, and a “black cancer ‘fight’ long sleeve shirt.” The garments had a combined retail value of about $80, cops reported. 

    Since Gillette’s rap sheet includes two or more prior theft convictions, she was charged with a felony for allegedly boosting the Breast Cancer Awareness Month garments. She also is facing a probation violation rap in connection with a prior conviction for cocaine possession.

    Gillette is locked up in the Lake County jail in advance of her arraignment on October 26.

    In 1985, the American Cancer Society declared October Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help promote the use of mammograms. In 1991, the not-for-profit Komen organization began distributing pink ribbons as a means of connoting breast cancer awareness.

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    Meet Whitney Marie Beall.

    The 23-year-old Floridian was arrested Saturday evening after she used the Periscope video app to broadcast herself driving drunk in a Toyota with a flat tire.

    At the outset of her broadcast, Beall announced, “Hi, guys...I’m driving home drunk. Let’s see if I get a DUI. In the USA, people! Let’s see if I get a DUI. I don’t think I will. I really don’t, because I live on back roads.”

    Videos of Beall’s 25-minute Periscope broadcast--which are filled with curse words--can be found below. At the 11:40 mark of the first clip, Beall strikes a traffic sign, which appears to cause a flat tire.

    As she drove around Lakeland, a city outside Tampa, Beall declared, “I am fucking drunk and this is horrible” and “Drunk driving is not cool.” While remarking that, “I’m on a flat tire,” Beall also made sure to note that the song playing on her car stereo was “super hot.”

    At one point, after declaring, “I am drunk beyond belief, people,” Beall announced she was putting her seat belt on at a red light. Beall is identified on the Periscope screen as “Whitney” from “Lakeland, Florida, United States.”

    Several concerned viewers of Beall’s video stream called 911 “about a possible drunk driver using...Periscope to broadcast herself,” according to the Lakeland Police Department. Cops added that, “numerous text messages were sent to the driver asking her to stop driving before she killed someone or herself.”

    As Beall drove, viewers sent Periscope messages asking her to “park that car” and “Get out of the road dumdum.” Other viewers mocked her, writing, “drunk hoe, drunk hoe, it’s off to jail you go” and “hope you hit a tree bitch.” After reading some comments while at a red light, Beall replied, “It’s green now. I’m not gonna listen to a single fucking thing you say.” She later added, “I can’t even believe I’m Periscoping right now. I am!”

    While Lakeland cops are not provided access to Periscope by the department, “one officer took the initiative to utilize their personal account in an effort to locate the driver.” In short order, officers found Beall driving her 2015 Toyota Corolla with a flat left front tire.

    As police initiated a traffic stop, Beall’s vehicle struck a curb (though the impact did not cause Beall--who was alone in the car--to hit the brakes). After the car later pulled to a stop, officers noted that Beall smelled of alcohol and appeared disoriented. She subsequently failed a series of field sobriety tests and was arrested for drunk driving.

    Beall, seen in the above mug shot, was booked into the Polk County jail, from which she was later released on bond.


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    “Of course I have cocaine up my nose. It’s Aspen!”

    That is what Eliphalet Miller Ford IV, 34, declared after cops confronted him early Monday as he allegedly prepared to snort a line of cocaine while sitting on a public bench in the Colorado ski mecca’s downtown area

    According to an arrest affidavit, two patrol officers approached Ford and Laurel Titus, 24, around 2:10 AM after hearing “what sounded like a plastic card striking the stone surface of the bench.” Ford told the cops that the duo was “just hanging out smoking a cigarette.”

    But Officer Andrew Atkinson noticed that Ford was crumpling a rolled-up $10 bill in his hands, and that there appeared to be a line of cocaine on the bench. “There were also two credit cards on the bench not far from the powdery substance,” the affidavit notes.

    When asked about the substance, Ford (seen above) reportedly swiped the powder off the bench with his right hand.

    After handcuffing Ford, Officer Atkinson pointed his flashlight up the suspect’s nose, where he spotted a "white cakey substance." After Atkinson declared that he believed the substance to be cocaine, Ford replied, “Of course I have cocaine up my nose. It’s Aspen!”

    Officers subsequently recovered a folded piece of paper containing cocaine that Ford had clenched in his hand. When asked if Ford was using cocaine, Titus, who was not busted, told Atkinson, “He may have had some.”

    Ford, charged with narcotics possession and resisting arrest, was booked into the Pitkin County jail, from which he was later released on a $2500 personal recognizance bond.

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    A South Carolina man called 911 early this morning to complain that his girlfriend would not have sex with him, according to an arrest report.

    When a cop responded to his Spartanburg residence, Patrick Doggett, 53, “stated he called 911 because his girlfriend, Ms. Faye Woodruff, would not give him any ass.”

    Woodruff told police that Doggett had been drinking all day and “didn’t know where he was at.” She added that Doggett got into bed and wanted to have sex, but “she had her grandchild with her.”

    So, Woodruff noted, Doggett "got up and then dialed 911."

    Doggett, who was outside the residence drinking an alcoholic beverage when police arrived, was arrested for public intoxication and booked into the county jail (where he remains locked up this afternoon).

    Pictured above, Doggett has not been cited for misusing the 911 system, according to jail records.

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    A man caught placing his iPhone under the skirt of a Publix shopper told police that he was actually “taking pictures of cakes” for his wife, and not engaging in some felonious supermarket voyeurism.

    According to a police report, the female victim told officers that she caught Michael Shoukry Abdels Atalla, 48, filming up her skirt as she shopped Thursday night at the Palm Harbor, Florida market. The woman confronted Atalla, reported cops, who noted that “store surveillance captured this act.”

    When a sheriff’s deputy questioned Atalla, he “claimed to be taking pictures of cakes for his wife.” Atalla lives about half a mile from the Publix supermarket where he was busted.

    The report does not detail why Atalla’s purported spouse needed a gallery of cake images, though Deputy Chester Johnson did point out that Atalla’s iPhone handiwork "occurred in the deli by the hot chicken, not the bakery."

    Atalla, seen above, was charged with video voyeurism, a felony, and booked into the county jail. He was released from custody Friday night after posting $5000 bond.

    Acccording to his Facebook page, Atalla works for a Clearwater software firm. The page includes no photos or mentions of a wife.

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    A Taco Bell worker was doused with bleach last night by a suspect who threw a cup of the chemical into the eatery’s drive-thru window, Florida cops say.

    According to a West Palm Beach Police Department report, an “unknown black female suspect” walked up to the drive-thru window and “threw a cup of bleach” onto employee Janaria Neeley.

    While the liquid damaged Neeley’s clothing, the 19-year-old was not injured in the 10:50 PM bleach attack.

    A police review of surveillance footage did not yield an image of the assailant, who witnesses reported was wearing a gray hoodie and sweatpants. Police have classified the incident as an aggravated battery, a felony.

    The motive for the bleach attack is unknown. Taco Bell workers told cops that they were unaware of any customers having expressed displeasure last night about their orders.