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    The New York City man charged with setting a massive blaze that damaged more than 135 vehicles at a Brooklyn shopping center told investigators that he was “motivated to start the fire by his belief that others used the parked vehicles for sexual activity.”

    Evon Stephens, 23, was named yesterday in a federal complaint charging him with starting Monday’s seven-alarm blaze inside the garage at the Kings Plaza Shopping Center. The garage was used by car dealerships to store vehicles for sale.

    Stephens, investigators allege, initially torched a Mercedes-Benz, with the fire spreading to other vehicles. As he departed the garage Monday morning, Stephens “made an obscene hand gesture” towards a surveillance camera.

    After being apprehended Monday afternoon, Stephens told police that he routinely went to the garage and “accessed vehicles” owned by auto dealers. He reportedly confessed to starting the fire because he thought the parked autos were being used by “others” for sexual liaisons.

    The Brooklyn blaze--which took hours to extinguish--was battled by hundreds of New York City firefighters. According to city officials, six civilians and 22 firefighters suffered minor injuries in connection with the fire.

    Stephens, facing a felony arson charge, is being held at the federal detention center in Brooklyn. The accused firebug is pictured above in a surveillance photo from the Brooklyn garage.

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    Casdorph The Destroyer is again behind bars.

    West Virginia cops last week busted Glenn Allen Casdorph, 30, after he allegedly assaulted his mother with a spatula during a confrontation in their suburban Charleston home.

    In addition to a malicious wounding count, Casdorph was also charged with huffing spray paint (an addiction that resulted in his prior appearance in these pages).

    The 6’ 4” Casdorph, mouth ringed with silver paint, is pictured in the above mug shot. He is locked up in lieu of $10,000 bail.

    As TSG reported in 2015, the origin of the defendant’s “Casdorph The Destroyer” nickname is unclear. He was previously known as “Squirrel,” a handle Casdorph reportedly did not embrace.

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    Considering the crimes of creepy Jared Fogle, perhaps a felon should think twice about wearing a Subway t-shirt when posing for his latest sex offender registry photo.

    Daniel Audie Wayne Smith, 29, is seen at right in a recent picture taken by Alabama authorities. Smith, a Birmingham resident, is on the state’s sex offender list due to his 2009 conviction on attempted sexual abuse charges. The victim was a seven-year-old boy.

    Smith, who was released from prison in 2013, is currently unemployed, according to the state registry. He previously worked for an HVAC firm in Bessemer, a city 20 miles south of Birmingham.

    Fogle was Subway’s spokesperson until his 2015 arrest for possessing child pornography and paying a teenage girl for sex. Sentenced to 15 years and eight months, Fogle is imprisoned at the federal lockup in Englewood, Colorado. The 41-year-old degenerate has a July 2029 release date.

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    A man arrested early yesterday for masturbating in public told police that engaging in such illicit pleasure sessions “helps with his anxiety,” according to an arrest report.

    Cops allege that Carlos Salvador, 20, was naked from the waist down when a witness spotted him around 2:30 AM inside a 24-hour laundromat in Clearwater, Florida. In a 911 call, the witness reported that the male suspect had an erect penis and was masturbating “out in the open.”

    When police arrived at the laundromat (seen below), Salvador was seated inside and “masturbating while watching pornography on his phone.”

    During police questioning, Salvador reportedly admitted to previously masturbating in public, saying that it “helps with his anxiety.”

    Salvador was arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. He was later released on his own recognizance.

    Perhaps someone should introduce Salvador to exercise, fidget spinners, or the benzodiazepine family before he gets into further legal trouble.

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    9/12 UPDATE: Cops have interviewed the man seen in the video and believe that he was not associated with the teens who robbed the store. Investigators are continuing their attempts to locate and apprehend the juvenile suspects.

    Police have identified the man and the two teenagers who did not call for help when a clerk collapsed Saturday afternoon inside a Washington convenience store. The youths, however, took the opportunity to raid the cash register and steal merchandise while the stricken man was on the floor.

    A surveillance camera recorded the incident at a Shell gas station in Auburn, a city 25 miles south of Seattle. The video, seen above, prompted multiple members of the public to contact police with the identities of the trio.

    As seen in the video, a clerk named Zarif appears to argue with one of the teens about items consumed in the store. After the clerk came out from behind the counter, he collapsed into a SmartWater display stand (at the 2:20 mark of the video).

    After staring at the prone worker for a few seconds, the man accompanying the teens left the store. The youths opted to start stealing. After removing money from the hand of the fallen clerk, one teen jumped the counter and tried to open the cash register.

    The teen, wearing a dark jacket, proceeded to go in and out of the store several times, stealing items on each occasion (and repeatedly stepping over the unconscious Zarif). The teen wearing an orange jacket succeeded in getting the register open and each of the young thieves then tore bills from the drawer.  

    The clerk remained on the floor for several minutes before another customer arrived and called 911 for help. According to a GoFundMe campaign, Zarif, a married father of three small children, has been hospitalized in critical condition since September 8.

    Police have yet to announce the arrest of the thieves (or what charges they will face).

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    While booking a female inmate, Florida jailers discovered “two small baggies of cocaine under her wig which was pasted onto her scalp,” according to a court filing.

    Rose Mae Dawson, 30, was arrested Thursday in connection with a prior auto burglary. Seen at right, Dawson was nabbed during a traffic stop in St. Petersburg. In addition to the burglary rap, Dawson was charged for driving with a suspended license and possessing marijuana (two small bags of pot were found in her vehicle).

    Cops transported Dawson to the Pinellas County jail, where corrections officers conducted a search that yielded the cocaine hidden under her wig.

    The cocaine discovery resulted in two additional felony charges against Dawson--narcotics possession and introducing contraband into a detention facility.

    Dawson, locked up in lieu of $12,300 bond, is scheduled today for a court hearing.

    Dawson was convicted earlier this year of a misdemeanor charge of failing to have her daughter attend school. She subsequently violated terms of her probation after her daughter continued to rack up unexcused absences. Dawson admitted the probation violation and was ordered to pay $165 in fines and court costs. A May 14 collection notice indicates that she had not “satisfied your fine in full or entered into a payment plan with the clerk’s office.”

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    In an ill-advised attempt to awaken a sleeping high school student, an Ohio cop sparked her Taser near the snoozing pupil, prompting a classroom commotion and the officer’s eventual suspension.

    According to investigators, Officer Maryssa Boskoski, 32, was working last week as the resource officer at Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville, a village about 25 miles from Akron.

    Boskoski, seen at right, was summoned Thursday to a classroom by an administrator who reported that she and a teacher had been unable to rouse the snoozing junior. Boskoski then activated her Taser and began sparking, or “arcing,” the weapon near the teenage boy.   

    The student, police report, woke up--likely due to a combination of the sparking noise and the resulting commotion it caused inside the classroom. The boy was not touched by the Taser.

    Upon learning of the incident, police brass placed Boskoski on unpaid leave and opened an investigation into her violation of the department’s Taser policy. The school’s interim director yesterday sent parents a letter stating that, “At no time was any student in any kind of danger.”

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    Two North Carolina women are jailed on child abuse charges after a Snapchat video showed three small children smoking what appeared to be a marijuana blunt.

    Police in Winston-Salem last night arrested Michaela Pearson, 21, and Candice Little, 18, in connection with the troubling video. Both defendants are locked up in lieu of $150,000 bond after being charged with three counts of felony child abuse and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a misdemeanor.

    In the video, Pearson is seen handing the blunt to the children. Little apparently recorded the children smoking and posted the video to her Snapchat page.

    Pearson (left) and Little are seen in the above booking photos.

    Police have not said what the relationship of the children is to either Pearson or Little. None of the children appears older than four, while the youngest of the three is a toddler.

    On the video, Pearson, blunt in hand, can he heard asking the children, “Which one of you want to hit this?” After the toddler exhales smoke from his nose, Pearson and Little exult with glee. When a little girl coughs after taking a long puff on the blunt, Pearson says, “Ooh, yeah, big gas. Big gas.” When the oldest child holds on to the blunt too long, Pearson directs him to “Pass it to your sister.”

    Pearson and Little were arrested hours after the video began going viral on Facebook. The women were taken into custody at a University Inn & Suites hotel, where cops found drug paraphernalia in the room occupied by the pair. The children, police reported, were “taken to a local hospital for medical treatment where they remain for observation.”

    Pearson and Little are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow.

    Click below to watch the video.

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    As he faced arrest yesterday evening, a Florida Man took the opportunity to channel his inner Michael Scott from “The Office.”

    According to an arrest affidavit, a sheriff’s deputy pulled over a car driven by Brandon McComas, 31, around 9:20 PM after noticing the vehicle did not have a tag light.

    Approaching McComas’s car on a Vero Beach street, the cop spotted the driver “attempting to conceal a large bulge in his left front pocket with his arm.” Deputy Scott Prouty then asked McComas to exit the car.

    While conducting a pat down of McComas, the deputy inquired about the “long cylindrical object” in the suspect's pants.

    "That's what she said," replied McComas.

    The deputy subsequently handcuffed McComas and confiscated a cylindrical case containing marijuana and a glass pipe (a second pipe was found in the auto).

    Pictured above, McComas was issued tag light and pot possession citations. He was released from jail early this morning after posting $500 bond. McComas’s rap sheet includes prior collars for disorderly conduct, domestic battery, disorderly intoxication, and cocaine trafficking (he spent three years in state prison on the latter count).

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    A 39-year-old Florida man battered his 78-year-old girlfriend during an argument over an unpaid DirecTV bill, according to police.

    Investigators charge that David Mann and the victim quarreled Tuesday afternoon “over money and the bills not being paid.” When the woman sought to leave their residence in Bryceville, a Jacksonville suburb, Mann allegedly “pushed her to the bed and put his hands on her neck for a few seconds.”

    The confrontation ended when Mann’s mother “yelled from the other room and the suspect got off the victim.” A deputy reported noticing a “small red mark on the victim’s chest.”

    The precise nature of the pair’s relationship is unclear. A Nassau County Sheriff's Office report quotes the victim describing Mann as her “live-in ex-boyfriend,” while Mann himself refers to the septuagenarian as his “wife.” A sheriff’s deputy noted that the duo was not married, “but are in an on and off again relationship.”

    Mann, seen above, was arrested for battery on a person over the age of 65. He was also hit with a second felony when cops discovered shotgun shells and .22 caliber bullets inside the home. Mann, who is on probation for trafficking in stolen property, is not allowed to have any ammunition in his residence.

    Mann is being held in the Nassau County jail on the felony raps. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim and he must stay at least 500 feet away from the Bryceville property.

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    Meet Willie Edwards.

    The 18-year-old appeared ready to repel all manner of foes when recently arrested for driving an unregistered vehicle.

    Before being booked into the Manatee County jail, an incident report notes, the Florida man’s “purse was searched” and yielded two cans of pepper spray and two cans of fart spray.

    The incident report does not indicate why Edwards needed all those noxious sprays (or why just one fart spray would not suffice). Pictured above, Edwards, a Bradenton resident, was relieved of his array of sprays, which police “marked for safekeeping.”

    Free on $120 bond, Edwards is scheduled for an August 22 court appearance on the misdemeanor charge.

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    A trio of New York City daredevils--surely soon to be in the custody of the NYPD--filmed themselves riding atop a series of subway cars as trains barreled through Brooklyn and Queens.

    In videos posted to YouTube over the past three weeks, the train surfers are seen running, action movie-style, from car to car.

    In a clip posted July 14, the surfers hop onto the roof of a subway car from an overhang at the aboveground Avenue H station in Brooklyn. At one point, the future defendants have to quickly duck down to avoid being decapitated by an overpass.

    In a video posted Wednesday, the young men are seen riding atop trains traveling in Queens (at night and during the day). At times, one surfer is seen waving at straphangers waiting for local trains. He also made sure to pose for a video selfie, as seen in the still at right.

    The August 8 clip, complete with a jaunty soundtrack, can be seen above.

    The videos were uploaded to an account bearing the name “Jack Sutton” and include a “big thanks to @annie.kerner for helping us film.”

    While there are few comments on the YouTube page, one does sum up the likely reaction of most New Yorkers: “I hope you guys fall and die. But I also hope your deaths don't disrupt service.”

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    Meet James Dylan Jordan.

    A married couple was enjoying a Sunday evening out at a Japanese steakhouse when a tipsy Jordan, 24, “began to undress and dance erotically in front of” the female half of the duo, Florida police report.

    Distressed by Jordan’s impromptu striptease, Jami Carpenter (who was accompanied by her husband Christopher) advised Jordan to leave the Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Clearwater. In response, Jordan “became belligerent and began calling her fat” and threatened to fight her spouse.

    Jordan was subsequently arrested by a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputy for disorderly conduct in an establishment, a misdemeanor. He was freed from the local jail after posting $150 bond. Jordan’s rap sheet includes multiple convictions for possession, sale, and trafficking of narcotics (cocaine and Oxycodone).

    Thankfully, a criminal complaint does not further describe the erotic dance Jordan allegedly performed inside the eatery (pictured below).