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    David Bowie is seen above in a March 1976 mug shot (click to enlarge) taken by a Rochester (N.Y.) Police Department employee. Original story here.

    David Bowie
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    A motorist was noshing on chicken wings as she led Ohio cops on a chase that ended with her arrest for drunk driving, according to a police report.

    Judith Knight, 57, was allegedly under the influence on December 20 when her vehicle struck another car on a roadway in Brunswick Hills, a township about 25 miles west of Akron.

    Knight did not stop following the accident, so the other motorist called 911 while tailing Knight’s car to a cul-de-sac, where the second driver sought to block Knight’s vehicle. Before police arrived, Knight revved her engine and “appeared [to be] going to ram the complainant’s vehicle,” according to the police report.

    When cops arrived on the scene around 7 PM, Knight drove directly toward a police cruiser before veering across the front lawn of an adjacent residence. She then led police on a 25 mph chase that concluded when she “had no more road to travel” inside a new housing development.

    As Knight staggered from her car, an officer "observed a brownish substance" around her mouth that appeared to be blood. But the cop subsequently “determined it to be barbecue sauce from chicken wings that Ms. Knight was eating in her vehicle.”

    Police spotted a styrofoam container “that had contained the chicken wings Ms. Knight had been eating.” The chicken remains, the report notes, “were scattered throughout the front interior passenger compartment.”

    Knight, whose blood alcohol content was measured at .164, twice the legal limit, told police that she had been at Molly McGhee’s Sports Pub, where she had watched Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers games on TV.

    Knight was charged with drunk driving, failing to stop after an accident, and fleeing an officer. Her arrest came 12 days after another Ohio woman--who was eating a bowl of cereal--led police on a 30-mile high-speed chase.

    The police account of Knight’s alleged antics was authored by Patrolman Charles Chalupa.

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    A 70-year-old Florida inmate told cops that he was sure that a fellow detainee had doused him with urine because, “I have had a golden shower before from a woman and it burned my eyes,” according to a police report.

    Officers responded last Sunday to the Indian River County jail after John Ryasko reported that Javerious Yearby, 23, “threw a cup of urine on him.” Ryasko said that Yearby beckoned him to leave his cell by saying, “Hey, white nigga, come here.”

    Ryasko charged that as he walked toward his cell’s door, Yearby tossed the cup of urine. When a cop asked Ryasko “how he knows if the substance was urine or water,” the septuagenarian revealed his prior golden shower experience, noting, "That's how I know it's piss because it burned my eyes."

    When questioned, Yearby claimed that Ryasko offered to perform a sex act upon him. “That’s all I have to say,” Yearby added.

    The cell block’s video surveillance camera was broken, so the encounter was not recorded. And since a cop could not determine whether “a small amount of clear liquid substance on the cell bars and floor” was urine, no arrest was made.

    Ryasko has been locked up since his October arrest for trespassing and disorderly conduct. Yearby is being held in connection with assorted felony and misdemeanor charges, including evidence tampering, leaving the scene of an accident, and marijuana possession.

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    A masked, costumed man was arrested yesterday after causing a disturbance at a Kum & Go convenience store in Oklahoma, police report.

    Michael Carter, 26, was collared Wednesday morning by Broken Arrow cops for obstructing or interfering with police, a misdemeanor.

    According to police, Kum & Go employees asked Carter to leave the business, but he refused. Instead, Carter locked himself in a store bathroom.

    In addition to the mask, Carter wore a red bandana that was accessorized with forks, a makeshift red cape, and red sweatpants. A toy gun was tucked into Carter’s waistband.

    Before entering the Kum & Go, Carter was seen at a nearby Whataburger restaurant, where a diner took the below photos of him (click to enlarge)

    Carter, seen above, is locked up in lieu of $500 bond. His mask partly covered a fully tattooed face that includes a swastika on his forehead and “Jesus Christ” on his right cheek.


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    Police are seeking to identify a man who placed raw bacon on the door handles of a Las Vegas mosque, an apparent hate crime that was recorded by surveillance cameras.

    According to cops, the defacement of the Masjid Tawheed mosque occurred around 3:15 AM Sunday. Video captured a man first placing bacon on the handle of the mosque’s rear door. The vandal then walked to the mosque’s main entrance and stringed several pieces of bacon across the front door handles (as seen in the adjacent photo).

    The bacon was discovered hours later by worshipers arriving at the mosque for early morning prayers. Muslims are prohibited from touching or consuming bacon and other pork products.

    Based on surveillance video, the suspect, who wore a baseball cap and glasses, appears to be a white male with a mustache, goatee, and long sideburns. It is unclear how he arrived at the mosque in Spring Valley, a town two miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

    In April, an Oklahoma mosque reported to cops that “someone put uncooked bacon on the door handles of the men's and women's mosques” on a Sunday morning. No arrests have been made in connection with the incident at the Islamic Society of Edmond.

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    Meet Carneeka Sanders.

    The 20-year-old Floridian stars in the latest installment of TSG’s never-ending series “She Hid What Where?”

    Sanders was arrested last night on an outstanding warrant after a car she was traveling in was stopped by St. Petersburg police.

    After being patted down by a cop, Sanders "stated she had marijuana and a cigar in her vagina," according to a criminal complaint. Sanders then “provided the marijuana and cigar” to an officer.

    Seen above, Sanders was arrested for pot possession and the outstanding warrant (which was related to her alleged failure to return a rental car).

    Sanders, who was arrested twice last year for pot possession, was released from custody early this morning after posting $5000 bond. Police records list Sanders’s employer as the Steak 'n Shake restaurant chain.

    The complaint does not detail the weight of the marijuana seized, the size of the stashed cigar, or whether the stogie was stuffed with pot.

    NOTE: All Monica Lewinsky witticisms should go in the below comments section. 

    cigar, Florida, vagina
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    For months, a 69-year-old Indiana woman urinated in a bucket so that she could throw the waste on the home of a next-door neighbor whom she disliked, police report.

    Jackie VanTyle was charged Monday with a pair of misdemeanor criminal mischief counts for the alleged urine attack on the property in Lynn, a town about 80 miles east of Indianapolis.

    According to court records, victim Joseph Basler contacted police two months ago to report suspicions that VanTyle had been dousing his home’s exterior with urine.

    A patrolman noted that "a very strong odor of urine hit me" upon arriving at Basler’s residence. Additionally, Officer Travis Jones noted damaged siding made it “obvious something was thrown on the house.”

    As first reported by The Star Press’s Douglas Walker, in a bid to capture the urine tosser in the act, Basler installed a hidden camera that eventually recorded VanTyle twice “throwing a liquid on his house.”

    When confronted by police, VanTyle initially denied dousing her neighbor’s home, but subsequently copped to the vandalism, police say. VanTyle admitted that, for several months, she had been urinating in a blue bucket. When Basler would leave his house, she would toss the waste on his home.

    As for why she went to such extremes, VanTyle told cops, "I don't like him. He's a bad neighbor." During the October police interview, “Jackie also advised she had been doing this all summer,” according to a Lynn Police Department report.

    When told by a cop that she could be jailed for the urine tossing, VanTyle “stated to the effect that she thought it was just a nuisance.”   

    VanTyle is scheduled for a January 12 appearance in Randolph County Superior Court.

    VanTyle’s home (left) and Basler’s residence (right) are pictured in the below Google Street View image.

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    Meet Tyler Caudill.

    The North Carolina man, 24, was arrested yesterday for drunk driving while he was traveling in Alamance County (which is about 60 miles west of Raleigh). Caudill was collared around 4 AM Sunday by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

    Caudill was booked into the county jail, where he posed for the above mug shot that shows off his ugly Christmas sweater. Caudill’s garment features two saucy kittens--one of whom is wearing a red bow tie--poking their heads out of Christmas stockings.

    Caudill, who was busted earlier this year on an injury to personal property count, is free on bond in the impaired driving case. He was not charged in connection with the sweater possession.

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    Meet Paul Terry.

    The 26-year-old Oklahoman and a female acquaintance were arrested Saturday night and charged with robbing a man the prior afternoon.

    According to cops, Terry and Sonja Moro, 29, robbed Moro’s ex-boyfriend inside the victim’s Tulsa home. The man told investigators that he thought the male robber’s name was Terry, adding that the suspect had identifiable tattoos on his face.

    As seen in the above mug shot, along with devil’s horns on his forehead, Terry has “FUCK COPS” inked over his eyebrows.

    Terry, who has a prior felony conviction, is locked up in the county jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. Moro is being held on $50,000 bond for armed robbery, the same count for which Terry has been charged.

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    Arkansas prosecutors are considering filing a criminal charge against a high school student who lit a cigar in class and then blew smoke in his teacher’s face three times, according to police.

    As seen above, the incident Monday morning at North Little Rock High School was recorded by a student.

    As detailed in a North Little Rock Police Department report, teacher Robert Holley told cops that his confrontation with student Christopher Dunn, 18, “started when Dunn showed up to class to take his final exam.”

    Holley said that he told Dunn that he would have to sit in the hallway to take the test, but that the student refused. “Holley said he told Dunn that if he didn’t do as he was asked that he was going to write him up and call for a campus supervisor to remove him.”

    When Holley reached for an intercom button, Dunn said, "Hit that button, I dare you. Holley told police that he has had Dunn removed from his classroom several times this year.

    As Holley began “writing Dunn up,” cops noted, “his class started going wild so he turned around to see what the commotion was about.” Dunn, Holley said, had lit a cigar and was “taking a drag off of it.”

    Dunn then rose from his seat and walked up to Holley and blew cigar smoke in his face. While the video shows Dunn doing this once, Holley told police the student blew smoke in his face three times.

    Somehow, Holley did not physically respond to Dunn’s provocation, which appeared to delight other students, who can be heard in the background laughing, clapping, and whooping.

    A campus supervisor eventually arrived at the classroom and escorted Dunn out. “I’ll be back,” the student said as he looked over his shoulder at Holley.

    Police classified the incident as insult or abuse of a teacher, a misdemeanor. County prosecutors are now reviewing the case to make a decision on whether to file a criminal charge against Dunn.

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    A 68-year-old Florida man wearing a French maid’s outfit and a chastity belt was among dozens of alleged johns swept up in an undercover prostitution operation targeting suspects placing and answering online sex ads.

    The five-day crackdown by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Lakeland Police Department netted 95 arrests and was highlighted by the collar of David Marsh, who told officers he worked for Home Depot.

    According to cops, Marsh answered an online ad and “solicited the undercover female detective to dominate him.” Marsh, police say, rode his bicycle to a hotel where he met up with the undercover agent in her room. Marsh travels on a bike because he lost his driver’s license following a drunk driving arrest.

    Once inside the hotel room, Marsh peeled off clothing to reveal his maid’s uniform, chastity belt, and the dog collar around his neck. A hidden video camera recorded Marsh conversing with the undercover, as well as his bust by an arrest team.

    Investigators released video of Marsh in uniform (a screen grab can be seen above). Marsh’s rap sheet includes prior arrests for DUI, theft, and soliciting prostitution.

    Dubbed “Operation Naughty Not Nice,” the prostitution sting ended Sunday and included the arrest of 50 alleged hookers and 33 johns.

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    A 12-year-old boy whose rap sheet includes more than 20 arrests was busted yesterday for stealing an 89-year-old man’s car, Florida police report.

    According to cops, Raymond Raftery had pulled his Toyota into a St. Petersburg gas station Friday morning when the bicycle-riding juvenile suspect drove by and told him that one of his tires was low on air.

    After Raftery pulled up to an air pump and exited the vehicle, the boy “ditched his bike, jumped in the car and drove-off,” cops reported. The octogenarian was not injured as the boy sped away with his wheels.

    As seen above, a surveillance camera captured the auto theft.

    The child was arrested yesterday after a police detective recognized him from the surveillance footage. The boy has been charged with grand theft auto.

    While the juvenile’s rap sheet contains “mostly auto theft” collars, a police spokesperson said, he has also been nabbed for robbery, burglary, and auto burglary.

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    A Florida man caught shoplifting two sex toys from a Spencer’s store told police that he had enough money for the items, but was “too embarrassed” to pay for them at the cashier.

    According to police, Christopher Masters, 32, was in the Vero Beach store Thursday evening when a manager spotted him removing an “Arouz’d screw butt plug” from its packaging. Masters, cops reported, placed the item in his khaki shorts. Masters then allegedly did the same with an “Arouz’d stroker can.”

    After walking around Spencer's for a few minutes, Masters (seen at right) exited the business with the purloined anal plug and the “ridged tunnel stroker,” which cops valued at a combined $29.98.

    Masters, who was collared by store security, “admitted to stealing the screw butt plug and stroker can,” noted police. “Masters further stated that he had enough money on him but he was too embarrassed to pay for them because they were sex toys.”

    Masters, who is listed as a mechanic in jail records, was charged with shoplifting, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail (from which he was later released on bond).

    A police report does not indicate whether the sex toys were seized as evidence.