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Man Bites Dog, Pleads Guilty To Felony Rap

Nitwit injured Husky "to establish dominance"

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Man Bites Dog

SEPTEMBER 28--A Florida man who admitted biting his dog to “establish dominance” over the animal has pleaded guilty to a felony charge, but has avoided prison time in connection with the bizarre incident, according to court records.

Patrick Shurod Campbell, 27, pleaded guilty Friday to an animal cruelty charge and was sentenced to four years probation by a Palm Beach county judge. Campbell was also ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and has been barred from possessing “animals of any kind” or “living with anyone with animals on property.”

To enforce those animal bans, Campbell is subject to random inspections of his Lake Worth residence by Animal Care and Control agents.

Campbell was arrested in May after police responded to a 911 call about someone “abusing a dog” in the apartment Campbell shared with roommates (who told cops that Campbell had been disciplining his dog, a two-year-old Husky named Dimitri).

Officers found the dog inside a closet in Campbell’s room, where blood was smeared on the carpet and a recliner. The animal, cops noted, was shaking and had a bloody ear.

Asked how Dimitri was injured, Campbell replied, “I bit him to establish dominance.” Campbell then told police that he sought to discipline the dog after the animal “destroyed several items inside the apartment.” In addition to biting “Dimitri in the right ear very hard to establish dominance,” Campbell, seen at left, admitted punching the dog in the face.       

One of Campbell’s roommates told police that he saw Campbell beating the dog on several occasions, leaving the animal “on his back, with his paws up, and crying.” A second roommate said he heard the dog “crying in pain” while Campbell hit the animal and screamed, “You little bitch.”

Upon Campbell’s arrest, Dimitri was seized by animal control officials.

As part of a plea deal, Campbell is required to perform 300 hours of community service. His supervision could be terminated after two years if he does not violate any terms of his probation. (4 pages)