Heartless Puppy Killer Charged

Florida man was shot when heroic dog placed paw on trigger

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Heartless Puppy Killer Charged

OCTOBER 26--Meet Jerry Allen Bradford. The Florida dimwit, 37, has finally been arrested in connection with last month's attempted killing of seven puppies. Bradford, according to a police report, told Escambia County Sheriff's deputies that, after shooting three of the animals, he was "holding one of the puppies in his left hand and another one in his arms, when the one in his arms began to wiggle." The animal placed its paw on the trigger of Bradford's .38-caliber handgun, causing the weapon to discharge. Shot in the left wrist, Bradford raced to a Pensacola hospital, where he told cops he sought to kill the dogs because he was unable to find them a permanent home (investigators later discovered three puppies in a shallow grave at Bradford's residence). The four surviving animals were removed from the alleged puppy killer's home by animal control workers. After recuperating from the gunshot wound, Bradford was charged last week with felony animal cruelty and briefly booked into the Escambia County Jail, where he posted a $1500 bond. (4 pages)

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