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Police: Man In Vile Encounter With A Pony

Nude Oklahoman, 29, was spotted in rural field

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Pony Assault

AUGUST 6--In full view of several onlookers, an Oklahoma man allegedly had sex with a pony in a field outside Tulsa, according to police.

Responding to a 911 call about “a man having sex with a pony,” Rogers County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived around 8:45 AM Wednesday morning to a rural neighborhood in Inola, a city about 30 miles east of Tulsa.

Upon arriving at the scene, a local resident told cops she was leaving for work when she “observed a white male full nude standing in the field having sex with a pony.” The woman called a neighbor and “asked her to check it out and call the police.”

The second woman, accompanied by her daughter, also saw the naked man standing behind the pony “and what looked like he was having sex with the animal.” When the woman’s daughter “started to video,” deputies reported, the man “stopped what he was doing and started walking towards them.”

Deputies proceeded to arrest the suspect, Tyler Schlosser, 29, for indecent exposure and committing a crime against nature. Schlosser, seen above, was booked into the county jail, from which he was later released on bond. According to a probable cause affidavit, Schlosser lives about 20 miles from the Inola field in which he was discovered.

The video recorded by the witness was turned over to sheriff’s investigators. (2 pages)