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Cops: Farting, No Courtesy Flush Led To Jail Attack

Assailant accused roomie of "stinking up the cell"

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Courtesy Flush

NOVEMBER 9--A Florida inmate charged with assaulting his roommate told cops that the victim “farts too much stinking up the cell” and fails to “give a courtesy flush” after using their shared toilet, according to an arrest report.

Investigators allege that Christopher Callen, 33, pummeled Amado Dominguez-Quevedo, 57, during a confrontation Thursday night inside their cell at the Monroe County Detention Center in Key West.

Callen (seen above) has been jailed since his arrest in late-September for failing to register as a sex offender with Florida officials (he was convicted of a sex offense in Colorado in 2012). Dominguez-Quevedo, locked up on $40,000 bond, has been in custody since his February arrest for aggravated battery and indecent exposure.

During an interview at a hospital emergency room, Dominguez-Quevedo said he was cleaning the toilet when Callen grabbed him by the shirt and began punching him in the face and ribs. Dominguez-Quevedo, cops noted, “stated that he had no idea why he was being attacked out of the blue and that it seemed random.”

The attack left Dominguez-Quevedo with two missing teeth, a broken rib, and “swollen and bruised lips and left orbital socket.”

When questioned by cops, Callen--whose knuckles and hands were red--appeared to provide a motive for the assault, complaining about his cellmate’s flatulence and toilet habits. He also complained that Dominguez-Quevedo (pictured at left) “speaks weird languages,” according to the arrest report.

Callen was charged yesterday with aggravated battery by an inmate, a felony for which he is scheduled to be arraigned on November 19. A judge has ordered Callen to have no contact with Dominguez-Quevedo. (2 pages)