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Flier Blames Tabasco Spill For Lewd Act

Cops: Man exposed self to girl, 17, on SkyWest flight


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Tabasco Exposure

DECEMBER 30--Meet Rafael Escamilla.

Arrested this week for allegedly masturbating while seated next to a teenage girl on an airplane flight, the 50-year-old suspect told police that he was actually massaging and itching himself because he had spilled Tabasco sauce on his penis.

Escamilla’s unique explanation for his alleged indecent exposure is contained in police reports detailing the December 26 incident on a SkyWest Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Lewiston, Idaho. Escamilla, a Florida resident, was in Idaho visiting family.

The girl, a high school cheerleader who just turned 17, told cops that she was seated directly next to Escamilla, and had chatted briefly with him at the trip’s outset. Mid-flight, as she looked at prom dresses in Seventeen magazine, the teenager spotted something moving “out of my corner of my eye.”

In a handwritten statement, the girl recalled, “I looked over and I could clearly see the man’s penis going side to side under the tray table that was down.” Escamilla, she added, had one hand on his laptop (which was atop the tray table) and the other “under the tray table.” Escamilla is pictured in the above mug shot.

After waiting two to three minutes, the girl--who was traveling alone on the flight--got up to go to the bathroom. When she emerged, the teen sat next to a woman seated at the back of the plane, and told the woman that, “the guy that she was sitting with creeped her out.”

Upon arrival at Nez Perce County Regional Airport, the girl, upset and crying, told her father about what had transpired on the flight. The man contacted a Transportation Security Administration supervisor, who in turn summoned Lewiston Police Department officers.

When confronted by cops, Escamilla denied exposing himself. “I wasn’t out, I wasn’t hanging out,” he claimed. As reported by Officer Chris Reese, Escamilla “explained to me that he had spilled Tabasco sauce or something similar on his ‘penis’ and had an incredible itch.” He was rubbing his groin, Escamilla explained, “because it was the worst ‘itch in the world.’” Escamilla said he tried to be discreet by covering himself with his laptop, but that the girl must have “suspected something.”

During further questioning, Escamilla changed his Tabasco story, claiming that it “might” be from his breakfast that morning “as he did have Tabasco sauce with his eggs.” Asked why he did not just go to the bathroom to “take care of this problem,” Escamilla told Reese that he “didn’t feel that it would help.”

Reese noted that Escamilla used the words “rub” and “massage” to describe how he addressed the “incredible itch.” The cop reported that, “while I was speaking with [Escamilla], he never showed any obvious signs that he had an itch in this particular part of his body.”

Escamilla was then handcuffed and transported to the county jail, where the above mug shot was snapped. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of indecent exposure, and a District Court hearing was set for January 18.

According to an online biography, Escamilla is an accomplished physical therapist who holds a Ph.D. and has worked as a professor at Duke University and California State University. Escamilla currently works as research director at the Florida orthopedics and sports medicine institute founded by Dr. James Andrews, the noted surgeon whose clientele has included Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley, Jack Nicklaus, Roger Clemens, and Drew Brees. (6 pages)

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Finally someone says the obvious - what in the world was tobasco sauce doing on his penis? How many times does the average person spill hot sauce on their genitals? I have a feeling it's quite rare. Bottom line: he has a major problem and hopefully he'll get to spend some time behind bars thinking about it.
Was there anf investigation on the part of the police for collaborating the bottom of the laptop, seat, or clothing in the approximate vicinity of the possible eruption. Or maybe I just watch too much CSI.. or not...maybe.
The Oval Office or the Flight Deck, what's the difference? Trickle Down, is Trickle Down.
Amazing the assumptions being made about this girl's attire when absolutely nothing was said in this story about it. She may have been wearing a sweatsuit for all you know. These lousy excuses being posted for not having enough self control to keep from spanking your monkey in public are simply ludicrous. Stupid man syndrome on parade in here.
"Dear Penthouse. I read your forums all the time, but I never thought this would happen to me..." ..... I got a woody just reading this story.
He looks good for 50.
Search this 'professor' and you'll find his writings and responses to others'. Self-explanatory; you'll love the titles: •"Manual Magic: The Method Is Not the Trick" •"Moving Past Sleight of Hand" •"Core Muscle Activation During Swiss Ball and Traditional Abdominal Exercises"
He's Cuban,....don't find yourself alone with this pervert, young ladies. More than a few Duke coeds can tell you why.....
Hey! It could have been a whole lot worse. He could have done the "pop corn" trick. That was done in many a movie theater with an unsuspecting date back in the 50's and 60's. From what I'm told, the male buys a box ( not a round container, but a paper box.) of popcorn. As soon as his snake inflates, in the darkness of the movie theater, he unzips and through the bottom of the box, he now occupies time and space in that box. At this point, he invites his date to help herself to some popcorn, whereupon instead just popcorn, a suprise greets her. ( And it's not the surprise you usually find in a box of crackerjacks either) In this case of the airplane dude, he was just a horny old dude pervert and skeeve.
Plane tickets are very expensive. The dude rented that space for the duration of the flight. He was just trying to relax and get his money's worth. She could have looked away and respected his privacy.
Oh come on. Who doesn't have the right to look under someone's laptop and table on an airplane? Innocent little 17yr old child looking at prom dresses, there's no way she would have anything even remotely resembling penis on her mind. The thought of a man sitting next to her actually having one, and seeing it moving from side to side in his pants under the table partly obscured by the laptop, no wonder the poor little angel burst into tears. Perhaps it was because she thought she may have slightly wet herself? How would she explain those stains to mommy? Whaa!
Wonder what flavor of Tabasco he used?
He's lucky it wasn't my little girl. He'd soon be six feet under.
What did you expect honey, a tuna sandwich? OHHH!!!!!
This is outrageous. Clearly this girl was dressed like a little harlot and was acting all sexy by breathing and stuff. The only thing this man is guilty of is getting blue balls. The real victim here is clearly the college professor. This little strumpet should be forcibly converted to Islam and forced to wear a burqa. Then we'll see how she wants to cause trouble on an airplane.
I'm sorry sir, it is your seatback that you were supposed to bring to the 'full and upright position'!
First of all, if women are going to dress and act in increasingly provocative ways, thereby stimulating a male's INVOLUNTARY response, i.e. erection, then the male should have the right to relieve himself, shouldn't he? This is a two way street. Women should not be allowed to expose themselves in the extremely sexual way that they do nowadays without expecting an appropriate and BIOLOGICALLY NATURAL response from men: an erection leading to ejaculation. Most healthy males are constantly trying to dampen or 'hide' their natural response to such displays and behavior throughout the day. If the stimulation is persistent, which is likely due to the current behavior and 'dress code' of females today, then an unpleasant and painful result is experienced by the male. So, ejaculation is the only relief from such stimulation. I believe all males have a legal case here that should be taken to court to set a new legal precedent for men's biological rights! If women are going to dress IN PUBLIC in ways that stimulate a man's sexual urges, i.e. erection, then that male has the right to 'seek relief' by ejaculation IN PUBLIC as well. So long as he does not make contact with the woman, he should be within his legal rights to do so. Why should the male have to seek privacy to gain relief from something the female does in public? If women do not agree with this, then they shouldn't dress provocatively to create the situation in the first place. If women can have biological rights, so can men! Who's with me?
I'm not with you now or at anytime with those lame comments. Any respectful gentleman would never go as far as you suggest. You are a retard.
So I'll take that as a 'no'. No worries. But save your name-calling and personal insults for somebody who actually cares what you think.
If this guy was not so ugly and goofy looking he may have had some fun with the girl. I have had so many flings on planes over the years, both in the seats and in the bathrooms. I had fun with the flight attendants on an Eastern flight one time, I had all 3 of them square me on the long flight. Either you have it you don't. This guy deserves some time for being a jerk when the girl was not even attracted to him. What a sad excuse, hot sauce on the hot dog.
The dumb little slut is obviously blowing things way out of proportion. How dare she tarnish the reputation of an esteemed professor like this? I have experienced situations in public in which I was forced to touch my genitals, including accidentally sitting on my testicles, batwings, underwear constriction, etc. If anyone was looking when I performed any of these actions, I hope to God they wouldn't file a police report against me. This little princess needs to take a chill pill and stop thinking she's so damn precious.
I can't believe I'm going to agree with someone who begins by saying something as awful as "dumb little slut"! That part and the "little princess" part I cannot tolerate. But as I understand it, men do have issues of "batwings", itches, etc. that they have to tend to all the time. And isn't it possible that a girl who is reading and noticing movement by the person next to her, actually THINKS she is seeing his penis when it is merely his hand that is moving? Especially if she's seeing it out of the corner of her eye....without turning her head and looking directly? And admittedly he is trying to hide it? And especially if she is a young person who's always been taught about "stranger danger"? I don't think that she's blatently lying....I think that it is possible that she's mistaken about what was happening and what she "saw". What she got absolutely right was to remove herself from the situation if she felt uncomfortable.
Wow! You hate women no doubt. She saw the perps junk idiot.
This is obviously 100% the little cock-tease's fault. If that little ho hadn't been all hotted up and good looking, the man would never had done this. Maybe not jail time, but she at least deserves some sort of fine for making this guy all hot and bothered like that.
redneckmofo; more like redneckidiotfo
A University Professor? Anyone surprised?
A big Obummer supporter no doubt. That is the type of person who is ruining the nation and voted for the socialist.
Troll. It says right in the middle of the article he's Republican, trying to figure out a way to destroy the nation again(see:the recession we just had that started in 2006). While great men are doing well under Obama, jack-holes like you hide on your compounds. Too bad.
There are more perverts hiding in our socialist colleges than there are in prison, unfortunately. BTW, a journalistic FAIL in the story. You do not "itch yourself." Itch is almost always a noun. It is only a verb, transitive, sometimes intransitive, when speaking of something causing an itch. Scratch is the verb when describing the action used to relieve an itch, and is a noun when describing a mark on the skin or on an object caused scratching. I'm not normally a grammar cop, but if schools aren't going to teach writers how not to sound...well...less than correct...
Lets see ... 17 year old HOT cheerleader probably wearing shorts and no bra. Looking thru Seventeen magazine (which is on several levels, better than Playboy.) How'd this guy last more than about 3 seconds? Last time I flew, the girl sitting next to me had one of those little Trojan vibrator things on her finger and SHE didn't get arrested.
His account may be TRUE or not...But, where is the evidence - this is a "she said, he said" case....You cannot convict on this - it's way to flimsy - NOT proven!!! NO photo's & NO witnesses!!! Who else SAW this supposed act???
Seriously. It is SAD AND SHAMEFUL that your website posts this guys name and picture with the story. You can RUIN his life by doing this. I could have some random person who may have their own issues accuse me of something - then you could put me up on here - bam, Fark everything up for me. This is wrong. Wait until he is convicted. Even then....I mean, Jesus...
Wrong. It's a She Said, He Confirmed case. He never denied exposing himself as he had to take care of his 'incredible itch'. Even if he really did have an itch, he could have discreetly taken care of it in the privacy of the bathroom instead of only 2 feet from a 17 year old girl. This supposedly educated dude has PERV written all over him. I don't think that it would have been viewed as 'supposed' had he been seated next to YOUR 17 year old daughter...
Personally I like to use Grey Poupon and or Franks hot wing sauce for in air wanking.
Please pass the Gray Poupon!
In his defense, this was merely frowned upon before 9/11 freaked everyone out. Thanks a lot Bin Laden.
Uh, no, Alan. Wrong. Sorry, bad defense. The guy was preying on the young woman because he thought he could get away with it. For that reason alone. You think he'd risk itching his tobasco sauce if a big burly and unsympathetic man was sitting next to him? I don't think so. Hmmm. I wonder what I would have done? I doubt he'd have dared though, I'm older than a teenager. Let's see....definitely more than "frown upon." The plane would likely have watched an attractive female turn into a hissing and spitting medusa (think ugly) and watched uncle pervie melting into his seat before getting tossed into the section where they put people who cannot behave in public. Next to the air marshall. Before his next stop at the cop shop. Young women, and people in general, don't tend to invent stories about perverts masturbating in front of them. Not high on the list of things to do. And the men who challenge the young woman's story are a bit suspect. I mean, anything's possible, but just saying. Really glad her dad acted immediately to protect her. It takes a few unfortunate experiences for a young woman to learn that some men prey upon "nice" and "young," and it's really not acceptable, in any way. Men who prey on young women and children are the lowliest form of creature. They remind me of that gollum character in Lord of the Rings.
chill, its a quote from Hangover
She'll be taking the bus from now on.
God help the bus driver....