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He Fell Into A Ring Of Mire

Man caught under women's latrine says he was hunting lost jewelry

Gary Moody

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He Fell Into A Ring Of Mire

JULY 6--Finally, here it is: The mug shot for which America has been desperately waiting.

Meet Gary Moody, the guy who was discovered hiding last month in a sewage-filled chamber below an outhouse toilet in a New Hampshire park. The Maine man, 45, told cops that he dropped his wedding ring into the women's room toilet and simply climbed in to retrieve it, according to this fabulous investigative report released today to TSG.

Moody was nabbed after a "female entered the restroom and saw a man down in the 'vault' looking up at her." He told cops that he was "changing his clothes" in a New Hampshire park's loo when the ring headed south. Moody claimed that he then "climbed down through the hole and when he was searching for the ring" someone else came into the room. Moody said he was embarrassed, so he tried to hide in the filthy space.

Asked why he was in the women's bathroom in the first place, Moody replied that, "the men's room was busy." He did not have a handy explanation, however, for why he did not just tell a park ranger about the supposedly missing ring.

Charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, Moody is scheduled for a July 19 appearance in District Court. (7 pages)