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Insane Sheen: "I'm More Famous Than Obama!"

Estranged wife's scary look at actor’s meltdown

Charlie Sheen

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MARCH 2--Along with allegedly threatening his estranged wife’s life and referring to his manager as a “stoopid jew pig,” Charlie Sheen recently declared, “I’m untouchable! I’m Charlie Sheen! I’m more famous than Obama!,” according to court records filed in connection with the issuance yesterday of a restraining order against the erratic actor.

In a sworn declaration, Brooke Mueller, who is divorcing Sheen, provides a devastating portrait of the performer in the midst of a public meltdown. In response to Mueller’s allegations against Sheen, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge yesterday gave Mueller custody of the couple’s 23-month-old twins.

The children were removed last night from Sheen’s home, with video of the turnover being provided to an online gossip site.

Mueller alleged that Sheen threatened Sunday to cut her head off and “put it in a box and send it to your mom!” Days earlier, she noted, he “threatened to stab my eye with a pen knife, and spit on my feet. He also punched me in the arm.” Like many observers, Mueller added, “I am very concerned that [Sheen] is currently insane.”

The declaration includes an account of some of Sheen’s recent Jew-baiting comments directed at Chuck Lorre, creator of “Two and a Half Men,” the hit CBS series that has made Sheen wealthy. In light of these remarks, Mueller revealed that Sheen had sent her a text message referencing his manager Mark Burg. “I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pig that he is,” Sheen allegedly wrote.

Mueller’s filing includes an exhibit showing an iPhone screen grab of the February 19 "stoopid jew pig" text message.  

Mueller also charged that while she was in the Bahamas last week with Sheen and his two girlfriends, the performer requested that, after he bought her a house, she kick back to him $20,000 a month in the child support he pays her. Mueller stated that Sheen said he wanted this money “so he could have untraceable cash to ‘knock off a few people’ because ‘the people I hate violently are going to get severely punished.’” (11 pages)

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Go away. Straight jacket.
dang is that charlee sheen. He looks ugly
Charlie Sheen is a low life piece of shiat!
This child is in total denial of his breakdown and that is fine as he is his own person, HOWEVER he should not demean groups such as AA that have helped thousands of people in exactly his position. Even with his tirade when he needs the help they will be there.
Notice how you never hear anything about his brother.
I wonder who is more stupid however?
This is a great example of alcoholism. The ISM = I Sponsor Myself. The person who sponsors himself or herself has a fool for a sponsor. I am so sad for Mr. Sheen. His denial that he has some major problems going on means that they will continue until a) he hits some kind of bottom, or b) his money runs out. I am praying for Mr. Sheen.
Alcoholics Anonymous - Two words Charlie, IT WORKS
Don't know about more famous than Obama, but he's certainly been famous longer. In fact he's had billing status longer than Obama has been a legal resident of the US.
I pity this poor slob. his dad Martin should get a few of his pals together, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Rosie O'Donnel, George Clooney and Janeane Garofalo and stage an intervention. They can all hug him and sing Kumbaya.
Kumbaya. That is hilarious. But Martin's not always that wimpy. About 12 years ago Martin was alarmed because Charlie had been ODing a lot. So he reported Charlie to the cops for parole violation, That forced Charlie into rehab and was clean for a long time after that. There have also been able to get him to go to rehab volunarily. Martin was in Ireland when the shiat hit the fan. Charlie hasn't been open to his father's advice lately, saying he doesn't want to be treated like a 12-year old. RUMOR has it that Martin's looking into the possibility of getting a conservatorship over his son. Charlie is going to be soooo pissed off.
That was funny.
hurry charlie, the mad hatter is running down that other hole. And he's calling your name.
It is strange that somebody with so much money and therefore surrounded by professional people is aloud to lose the plot and implode. If I was cynical I would say that the corporation had engineered Sheens demise to get him to quit and finish the show. This wouldn't be the first time a rich talent was coerced, milked then dumped, look at Mike Tyson
True enough. The evil corporations are constantly involved in some sort of dastardly plot. Poor Charlie is likely nothing more than a helpless victim of corporatist neoconservative fascist Bushavites.
Isn't it funny how those corporation haters don't hate the celebrities who make millions? In fact, a lot of celebrities throw their support to the corporation haters. Are they forgetting that if it weren't for the corporations, they, themselves would be nobodies? Of course, they're not forgetting....they're just hypocrites.
Hypocrites and child-like intellects. Michael Moore today ranting that we ought to take the money from rich people because it's a "national resource". Meanwhile, he flies in a private jet, lives in a mansion and the last I heard, hasn't offered to donate a dime of his fortune. BUT, liberals worship him.
Yes, you might be for 'famous', but that is certainly not in a good way. You're a typical Sheen, doing lots of things just like you Marxist father, who is worried about you BTW. . You're doing entirely too much drugs and talking too ***ing STUPID. . There is really nobody here who wants to hear your story. . Funny, for quite a while (even though I don't watch much TV) I used to think you were the only Conservative Sheen in existence. But how wrong I was, just one more STUPID Sheen is all.
Sad watching someone implode. He looks older then his dad now.
Yes, and your poll numbers are better, too!
Not so true about syndication. He has it in his contract that he has to finish his contract before he can get any syndication money. That is why Lorre started causing trouble behind the scenes weeks ago. He knows that he will benefit if Sheen quits. He'll get the rest of his contract but no syndication rights.
Read the papers a little closer. Yesterday an uninvolved party said that Lorre wants Sheen to "quit" so he will not get his $100,000,000.00 in syndication rights. Every year that is on the air Charlie gets a percentage of the syndication royalties. So yesterday when Charlie was asked what they were trying to take from him, he said "my money" He was referring to the syndication income from the show. Every year that the show is on the air the more they stand to make in syndication. So if Lorre can keep the show going for as long as he can and then get Sheen to quit, then he won't have to pay him his share of the syndication rights. When Roseanne's show went into syndication over 10 years ago she got $50,000,000.00 and said she was screwed out of half of her money. Everybody lies to everybody about how much money they will get and then they never do give them the money they said they would because they cause a bunch of trouble for the star and hope that they will get pissed off and quit the show. Big Mistake!!! That is what they want...Don't every quit Charlie, you are better than they are on your worst day!!
They guy's a nut case on his best day! Quitting would have no bearing on his income from syndication, unless his a moron besides been a psycopath, even dead people get income from syndication funneled to their estates.
Must be the Cuban in him!
The dude's not Cuban. His grandfather on his father's side was Spaniard. So it must be the 1/4 Spaniard in him!
Best line: If Martin Sheen wants to know what he will look like in ten years, make him look at his son. I don't think this will end well, but it is interesting to watch. Sad, and interesting, but I can't do anything.
Dont you get it? this is just like when the catholics were upset with John Lennon for saying he was more popular than jesus!
He said 'The Beatles' were more popular than Jesus...and I would not compare Charlie with the Beatles or Obama with Jesus
I wish he would run against that Kenyan Muslim president we have now. The White House would be a lot more interesting with coke snorting at staff meetings and him ranting and raving at press conferences. He is no more looney than Biden and he has a better haircut. Plus I think his father was president on some TV show, right? So he has that going for him. Just like Bush 1 and Bush 2. He would bomb the f$^* out of Iran and maybe lob a few at Mexico too. I say go for it. He certainly wins the State of California.
Way to show off your intellectual prowess. Do you have a permanent parking space for your trailer or do you move it round every so often?
Why do you ask? Do you have a personal preference? Are you implying that people who aren't smart live in trailers? I had heard that people who own trailers are for the most part just like other people. Are you one of those young liberal losers pecking out trite insults from your mother's basement sparky?
He's aged 20 years in the last six months. WHERE are his dad, mom, brother..?
Well, when they expressed concern for him, Charlie said he didn't want to be treated like a 12 year old. And proceeded to act like one.
He only has Two 1/2 Men going for him. Chuck can easily change the show around and fire Sheen's drug addled, arrogant keister. Give Jon Cryer (much funnier than Sheen, he's been the show for a couple of years now) and Angus Jones a new life and friends. Change the sitcom settings but leave the majority of the cast in place. You might think it's been unsuccessful before in sitcoms, but that usually entailed major changes in the cast. it's actually been pretty successful when the setting changes and most of the cast remains. Charlie can rant and rave all he wants on radio shows, he'll just burn every bridge he's ever crossed and alienate the entire country...
Makes sense, chicagorob1. I used to watch "Two & 1/2 Men" until a couple years ago when I had enough of Sheen's juvenile, woman chasing character and the show got too raunchy to watch with family. I don't even think Sheen is a good actor because he smirks too much. Smirking = arrogance. He never made me laugh, but the other cast member's did. Sheen deserves to lose everything after the nasty things he's been saying about people.
Typical psychotic psychological profile openly displayed a pervasive pattern of self grandiosity, need for yelling, need to flaunt position or title, need for expressed monetary admiration, and displayed excessively sense of self importance. Spoiled aging brat looking for easy money and loose women while feeding egoistic behavior. If he could have made a significant change while in rehab for the better, he would have already. He's living in a make believe can't buy you mental health.
Errrr money buys you everything. That's why everyone wants it artard.
Yes, it seems an obit for Charlie is on the horizon. W/ the kind of rants eminating from his addled head, it sounds like he doesn't have a wet brain...yet. But it's pretty damp! I'm just grateful I quit walkng that path a long time ago. I recall some of the insane thoughts & actions I experienced. W/ his money, fame, the opportunities for the spotlight (which oughta be extinguished for his sake), & self-will run riot, I'm just waiting for the headline of his destruction. I'm not wishing it, but experience tells me that unless some type of recognition of a bottom happens soon, Martin Sheen will be burying his son. His fame is deadly.
Sorry Charlie,with my wife & kids I'm famous. You ought to try it sometime, all this other stuff is just fluff.
I think the word he is looking for is more "infamous" than the bamster, although it only be slight.
Well, he's done it now! Calling people the N word, slurring Jews and kicking the snot out of women was one thing but comparing himself to Obama is going WAY TOO FAR!!
I think he should star in the next Hugh Hefner biopic, he looks just like him. That is, Hef at his current age, and Charlie at his current age.
Lol, kennythepig, that's funny. I was just thinking yesterday how much Charlie looks like Hefner. Wouldn't he just love to be Hef....having ALL the adoring bunnies, playmates and Hef-wanna-bes kissin his feet? I'll bet Charlie even prays to Hef every night and thinks of himself as a sort of under-lord to him. What is it with all the libs wanting to be a god? Besides , having control of people, of course.
Yes Charlie you are more famous than obama...and just as worthless!
True dat!
And he is just as pathetic as you.
Notice that anytime anyone dares to criticize Obama, they get personally attacked by libs (or is it just one person with multiple Identities and identical thoughts?) who blindly support him, no matter what the subject is.
No he's not untouchable, the bankers who collapsed the economy in 2008 are the closest thing to "Untouchable" we'll have. Remember the golden rule: The higher they rise, the farther they fall. It'll happen, give it some time - then we can be there to pick the carcass clean. In all fairness, comparing himself as more famous than Obama is not really a delusion of grandeur; Obama isn't exactly a very popular guy these days - in fact he, inhibited me from wasting my vote on who becomes president in the future. It just seems like the only ones who support him anymore are those who never read the news.
Obama isn't popular, really? Well, when he gets re-elected I guess we'll see how smart you are. Riverstyx, you're my kind of Republican, ... one that does't vote! Keep up the good work!