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Man Busted For Waterboarding Girlfriend

Victim accused of “spending time with another guy”


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Waterboarding Report

OCTOBER 28--After accusing his girlfriend of cheating on him, a Nebraska man allegedly tied the woman to a couch in their apartment and waterboarded her, according to police.

Trevor Case, 22, has been charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats in connection with the bizarre incident early Saturday morning at the Lincoln home he shared with the 22-year-old victim.

Police allege that Case stuffed "hospital socks" into Danielle Stallworth's mouth and bound her wrists with belts and hair ties before placing a shirt over her head and dousing it with water, according to a Lincoln Police Department report. “He poured a pitcher of water on her head, and she started freaking out and thought she wasn’t able to breathe,” cops noted.

The waterboarding practice, of course, leaves victims with the sensation that they are drowning.

"As she was trying to get up, she clawed Case on his chest," cops reported. When the couple's young daughter awoke and came into the living room, "the situation calmed down." When questioned by police, Case admitted arguing with Stallworth, but denied tying her up. He claimed that a scratch on his chest occurred while "wrestling with a friend." 

An officer noted observing injuries on Stallworth's wrist, arm, and thigh, all of which were photographed.

Case, pictured in the above mug shot, is being held on $150,000 bond at the Lancaster County jail. The police report reveals that Case was convicted last November of domestic assault against Stallworth, with whom he has been involved in a relationship for about five years. (3 pages)

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To a point, this is KINDA funny.... on teh other hand, i'm SURE tehre are better ways of dealing with this.
During WWII Water Boarding was often used in training to help drown proof American sailors. Now Americans cry at the mention of the word. Other then those in combat arms, America has become a nation of Wussies and losers crying for the Government to come and take care of them. Just look at the bizzaro unit they have elected to be their President.
rahimali, and it's no wonder the word "mal" is in your name, there is no 'cure' for PMS. And if you're the misogynist I suspect you are based on your ignorant comments, perhaps we should waterboard you to shut YOUR piehole. Your wife better run, and fast. Next thing you know, YOU'LL be the one posted on this website
I'm ok with a little waterboarding now and again if it shuts the wife's cakehole. Maybe waterboarding would cure PMS?
I had to sign up just to compliment this site on it's lack of censorship. What a crew! What a Farkin' motley crew of degenerates, wise-asses, dochebags, whiners, apologists, know-it-alls, professors, pundits, pollsters, protagonists, and fact police.! I like it! It reminds me of that movie with...Jackie Chan was it? The one where there are like 100 of him, all from different dimensions, fighting it out? In the end one guy stands atop the hill of hell, with every bad assed m-fer making their way toward him to knock him off? "The One" it's called! Later you bunch a' "son's-a-bitches"!
I was abused horribly by a boyfriend when I was in high school but he turned out to be the only guy who ever abused me. It was almost 40 years ago and even to this day when I read stories like this my blood boils and I want to knock the living hell out of these bullies. I hope he goes to jail for a very long time.
Torture is NOT legal under any circumstances, according to the Geneva Convention Against Torture. Its very last sentence makes that crystal clear: "There are no exceptions." Creating a new category, "illegal enemy combatant," to avoid this convention and other conventions covering treatment of Prisoners of War changes nothing. It is not the legal status of the alleged victims that determines the legality or illegality of the actions taken against them: it's the actions themselves, the torture, which is illegal, without exception.
This shows the progressive nature of domestic violence and the reason for the lack of respect for rednecks from the "heartland of America".
Jeebus, this site is infested with dirtbag redstate a$$wipes. In case you inbrednuck fu**tards didn't know, waterboarding is torture. We imprisoned japanese soldiers during WWII for this sort of torture; they were tried as war criminals. The fact that Dickless Cheney and his Mini-me, GW Bushtard, were never tried for warcrimes is the stupidest thing this country has ever done: it has diminished us as the righteous nation in world politics. Seriously, dumba$$es: I wish the lot of you could be waterboarded just to shut your stupid mouths.
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth ? The only thing you've shown is that leftwing cowards like yourself are spend most of your time decrying torture of terrorists, then wish the same on those you disagree with. Please set my mind at ease and tell me you've not procreated.
Gosh, they won't even let you say "Japanese"? Where do they think all those cars are coming from, Asteriskia?
The Japanese were fighting as members of their country's army. Illegal enemy combatants have no rights under the Geneva convention and by the way, making a few terrorists uncomfortable is ok with me. How about you?
not true -- the Constitution first of all says treaties shall be the supreme law of the land and second we are signatories to treaties that we will not torture Geneva conventions apply to all prisoners the enemy combatant rule only applies to trial situations third, even Israel gave up on torture because IT NEVER WORKS fourth, we have NOT ONCE obtained a SINGLE instance of actionable intelligence from torture -- W tried to pass some off but it turned out the intelligence he cited was obtained using good cop techniques and we did spend millions (billions?) chasing false leads on information the tortured told us because they supplied the information the torturers asked for -- you get the answers you seek
I was laughing my ass off at the irony of this whole sequence until these last two posts. I think I need to go out and buy some guns now.
It was decided a couple of years or so ago that waterboarding was OK, even the head of the FBI couldn't say it was torture. President Bush and vice-president Cheney , and the United States Department of Justice said water boarding was O.K.. These Nebraska Barnie Fife's need to keep up with the latest developements in interrogation which are absolutley legal. I would not care to be boarded, but if George W. is OK with it, so am I.
only W and his specific lawyer wrote a 'tortured' memo justifying it would not pass a court of law or war crimes tribunal -- the US DOJ never ruled on it the Pres and VP do not make law all by themselves and cannot arbitrarily override the constitution -- they should go to trial for war crimes as it is
Since we are not at war, that would be you appear to be. My wish is that all of you leftwing dogs would be transported to the mideast
Moron, these actions are only legal when used against enemy combatants and performed by people with the jurisdiction to do so. Take your swamp law back to the trailer: you know nothing and shouldn't pollute this thread with your ignorant lies.
never legal period by anybody -- it's a war crime by US law and by the US constitution under ALL circumstances -- no exceptions -- no memo from John Yoo will get you out of it -- we hanged *** soldiers for it and nazis for similar tactics and "following orders" or "it was permitted by" was not an excuse
What a whiny, pansy liberal you sound like. If you have a point, make it. Otherwise, keep your blather to yourself to prevent embarrassing yourself.
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You can discredit a technique that works by performing a shoddy test, such as waterboarding one person to obtain a false confession. But adding a requirement that corroboration be obtained makes the technique useful. So you waterboard two or more people and when they all give the same unsolicited answer, then you can be sure the technique is sound. But what this guy did was unexcusable. Not that waterboarding a terrorist is torture, but something that's arguably OK to do to a terror suspect, like locking him up, is wrong to do to an innocent person.
Torturing two people into saying the same thing is "corroboration"? You're a member of the Inquisition or the Stalinist purges - but you aren't an American. Or perhaps you're just an agent of the British monarchy during the 17th and 18th centuries. They used torture to get their "suspected terrorists" to confess - which is the very reason that the Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution outlawing it. Stupid revisionist Right "historians-" you make up any old ahistorical bullsh!t in order to justify your Criminal-in-Chief Bush.
How do you know they're all terrorists? Just because the government accuses them of terrorism? Accusation and guilt are not the same thing. Like the Queen of Hearts in Alice's Wonderland, we have it backwards. "Sentence first, trial afterward!," she told Alice. But we take it a step further. Punishment first - trial? maybe never.
I think the officer who filed the report should be fired. Honestly, using "than" every single freaking time instead of "then" is inexcusable. I had to stop reading. That's one dumb cop.
Crime? This is hot!
I bet when he gets out of jail, she'll go back to him because she knows he really loves her.
I happen to know that douchenozzle punk. He is an ObowMao supporter, voted for him in '08. Just like a lib/prog to whine about water\boarding terrorists, but willing to do it to his gf. What a man, eh?
What are you talking about? I knew him personally, and he voted for John McCain. In fact, I am sure of this. I watched him vote. You say, oh, isn't voting private? Well what do you think people stand inside of when they vote? That's right, I am the voting booth that he stood in when he cast his vote. This is info mainlined straight from the source. And you can't dispute this--I'm a voting machine, the heart of the American Process of Democracy--if you are against me, you are against America.
shiatting King of Iowa -- I'm sure you don't know this clown (although you're probably buttbuddies with a lot dipsh**s like him) and think the rest of us are stupid enough to believe your Obama lies. The stupid one here: you, idiot.
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When you outlaw waterboarding, only outlaws will waterboard.
she didn't admit to cheating on her boyfriend, but she did confess to Cole bombing and planning a suicide cafe attack in a Baghdad shopping district.
I'm trying to figure out if you post is supposed to be funny, imasahm, or if you seriously think that a) confessions obtained via waterboarding can be trusted even though it's been proven time and again that people will say pretty much anything you want to get you to stop waterboarding them and b) this moron's actions are somehow the fault of anyone but himself.
natoslug said: "confessions obtained via waterboarding can be trusted even though it's been proven time and again that people will say pretty much anything you want to get you to stop waterboarding them" You're very good at parroting liberal talking points, and you horribly underestimate the intelligence of the interrogation experts. Trust me, they know far, far more than you do about what people are willing to say under duress. That is why they also ask questions they already know the answer to. What next? Will you tell structural engineers how to do their job? Tell surgeons how to perform their craft?
There's a difference between assessing the merits of an intelligence technique (which is what the poster was doing) and telling somebody how to do their job (which he wasn't). I couldn't for the life of me perform brain surgery, but I'm quite capable of reading how effective the surgical technique is, as evaluated by other surgeons and medical professionals. The intelligence community is far from united in its opinion of the effectiveness of waterboarding.
And I hold the "bleeding heart" liberals accountable for this. Had they had not exposed one of our most effective means of obtaining information from our enemies, then making sure that every American, as well as every person around the world with some form of media learned about it, then this stupid guy would not have had the knowledge of how to do this. Hopefully, she's smart enough to leave the jerk and never look back!
Hold your own stupid ass accountable, moron. And go back to the trailer.
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actually, those without the gene are deficient
So what about people that are liberal when they're young, but when they get married, have kids, have a job and are trying to climb the corporate ladder, they become conservative? Or what about the young people in college that join the College Republicans but get out in the real world and find that their corporate overseers treat them like ignorant children and screw them at every opportunity that suddenly become anti-corporate and liberal? Do these people somehow gain or lose a gene?