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Naked Man In Bridal Shop Window Nabbed

Store's co-owner now facing lewdness charges

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Bridal Shop Shock

JULY 29--The co-owner of a Pennsylvania bridal boutique is facing indecent exposure and lewdness charges after he stood naked amidst the clothed mannequins in the front window of his store, according to court records.

Peter Scolieri, 54, was spotted last Wednesday evening inside One Enchanted Evening, a Pittsburgh-area firm that describes itself as the “premier bridal, prom and pageant boutique of Western Pennsylvania.”

Scolieri, a female witness told cops, was “fully naked, no shoes, shirt, pants or anything,” according to a District Court complaint. The bridal store was closed as Scolieri mingled with the mannequins wearing wedding dresses.

While standing in the front window, Scolieri--who reportedly "displayed an erection"--was holding a “hand part” from a mannequin’s arm. But it is unclear what, if any, job the hand was performing.

The witness snapped a cell phone photo of Scolieri, who owns the bridal shop with his wife Linda. A patrolman who reviewed the image noted that, “it was in fact a male actor and not a mannequin” in the picture.

When police received no answer upon knocking on the business’s front door, they contacted Linda Scolieri, who phoned her husband. Scolieri, who reportedly smelled of booze, then exited the store. The suspect, a cop noted, “had an attitude and acted as if we were being an inconvenience to him.”

Scolieri, who admitted to consuming a “few drinks,” began “bashing his head on the window and had to be told to stop multiple times” after being placed in the rear of a police cruiser.

In addition to multiple counts of indecent exposure and open lewdness, Scolieri (seen above) has been charged with disorderly conduct. He is scheduled for an August 30 arraignment on the misdemeanor counts.

In a statement posted Wednesday on the One Enchanted Evening web site, the firm referred to Scolieri as a “minority owner,” adding that he has “voluntarily taken an indefinite leave of absence from the store in order to deal with this incident and other personal issues.” The “incident took place after store hours, and there were no customers or employees on the premises at the time,” the unsigned statement declared. (4 pages)