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Inmate Sent Postcard Seeking Prisoner's Murder

Prisoners involved are locked up in same jail

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Three Inmates

JULY 10--A Florida inmate mailed a postcard to a second inmate soliciting the murder of a third inmate, according to police who noted that all three prisoners are housed in the same county lockup.

Investigators say that Charles White, 40, and Shaun Yeomans, 41, are “documented members of criminal white supremacist gangs.” Both men are convicted felons with lengthy rap sheets who are currently locked up in the Pasco County jail on separate narcotics charges.

In a complaint affidavit, investigators allege that White last month mailed a postcard to his associate Yeomans that solicited the killing of Lionel Florez, a 21-year-old inmate who has been held in the Pasco lockup since his May arrest for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

While White is housed separately from Florez, Yeomans apparently resides near the younger prisoner.

White wanted Florez killed to “avenge the death” of White’s son, who was killed “at the hands of” Florez’s brother, the affidavit states.

After jailers intercepted the hit request, White reportedly confessed to sending the postcard and wanting Florez dead. White added that “if he was housed” with Florez, he “would kill him himself.”

White was charged yesterday with soliciting Florez’s murder. The felony count was added to White’s current roster of charges, which includes meth trafficking, grand theft, and violating probation.

White (left) is seen above with Yeomans (center) and Florez. (2 pages)