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Some Cross Words In Philadelphia

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Some Cross Words In Philadelphia

They sure do have a funny way of celebrating Independence Day in the City of Brotherly Love. A brochure detailing Philadelphia's 10-day Welcome America! festivities contains quite a gaffe in its"Kid's Corner" section. A word search puzzle--an alphabetical grid where terms like "flag" and"historic" are hidden--contains the word "nigga." Oops! According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Welcome America!'s ad agency blames free puzzle making software from Yahoo! for generating the in advertant slur (right--the proofreader bears no responsibility). In addition to "nigga," TSG enigmatologists were able to quickly sleuth out three other offending words--all of which we've helpfully outlined in blue. (1 page)

Speaking of wacky Philadelphia brochures...

Now here's a great game. Not for the kids, though.

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