In Virus "Protest," Woman Licked Freezer Handle

Cops told Wisconsinite behavior was "uncalled for"

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Coronavirus Licker

MARCH 19--As a manager worked nearby to sanitize a section of a Wisconsin grocery store, a 53-year-old woman licked the handle of a freezer door in what she later told cops was a “protest to the Coronavirus,” according to a police report.

The odd act of defiance occurred Saturday afternoon in the freezer section of Festival Foods in Marshfield, a city in central Wisconsin.

As detailed in a Marshfield Police Department report, a store manager told officers that he was “sanitizing the handles in the freezer section” when he looked over at a woman later identified as Nona Lindhorst, a Marshfield resident.

Lindhorst, the store manager told police, “proceeded to look at him and lick the door handle of a freezer door.” The manager “immediately sanitized the licked door handle” and called 911.

When cops questioned Lindhorst, she “stated she licked the door handle in protest to the Coronavirus.” While the manager did not want to pursue criminal charges, he had Lindhorst formally trespassed from the store after she became confrontational with him and police.

Lindhorst, who told cops that she “has not used this method of protest at any other locations,” was informed that “her behavior was uncalled for,” the report notes.

On her Facebook page, Lindhorst recently wondered why Wisconsin residents were in a panic over toilet paper. Yesterday she reposted an image quote that asked, “Why aren’t we reporting that 68,000 have recovered from CV19?” (2 pages)