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Cops Release Broken iPhone 911 Calls

Illinois man called five times over faulty Apple product


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iPhone 911 Calls

NOVEMBER 15--Police this morning released the five 911 calls placed by the Illinois man who dialed emergency dispatch operators to report that his iPhone was not working, calls that resulted in his arrest.

Michael Alan Skopec, 48, was busted last Wednesday after placing the calls to police operators in Kendall County. Pictured in the mug shot at right, Skopec explained that 911 was the only number his phone could dial.

[Audio of Skopec’s calls can be found interspersed below. Please note that some of his language is NSFW.]

“Why is my iPhone not working?” Skopec asked when an operator answered his first call. “This has something to do with Apple, I don’t know,” he added. Cops reported that Skopec appeared intoxicated when they arrived at his home to investigate the calls.


During his second call to 911, a patient police operator asked Skopec if he had an emergency. “Yes, I do. My emergency is my fucking phone don’t work.” When the operator asked him for his address, Skopec replied, “One oh blah blah blah blah blah blah. Okay, you understand that?”

“How ‘bout I smash this phone on the floor,” Skopec asks an operator during his third call. “Why can’t I dial the numbers I used to be able to dial?” He later wondered, “Why can’t you direct me to the AT&T people?” The emergency operator replied, “Unfortunately, we are a 911 dispatch center.”

“I’m trying to get my iPhone enabled,” Skopec reported at the outset of his fourth call. After an operator asked him for his address so that a cop could respond to help him, Skopec said, “He can’t help me.” When the operator asked, “How do you know?” Skopec replied, “’Cause he’ll shoot me with a gun.”

The operator then asked, “Have you been drinking tonight?” “No,” Skopec said. “I’m just not very smart.”

When an emergency operator answered his final call, Skopec said, “Hello. What’s wrong with my iPhone?” The operator noted that she was sending a cop to Skopec’s home since she could not help him with his malfunctioning iPhone. “That’s pretty dumb,” Skopec remarked. “On whose part?” the operator replied.

Skopec was arrested after he refused to comply with sheriff’s deputies who responded to his residence. Charged with obstructing or resisting a peace officer, a misdemeanor, he is due in court on Friday. (1 page)