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Charlie Sheen Is An Odious Degenerate

Craven Jew-baiting par for the course for addled actor

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen Calls

FEBRUARY 25--After belatedly realizing that he engaged yesterday in some nasty Jew-baiting, Charlie Sheen now wants to make it clear that he’s no anti-Semite.

The actor told his stenographers at TMZ that he was just seeking to “address the man, not the bullshit TV persona” when repeatedly referring to Chuck Lorre, the creator of “Two and a Half Men," as “Chaim Levine.”

Sheen explained that was simply the Hebrew translation of Lorre’s birth name. Despite appearances, the 45-year-old Sheen claims he was not trying to cast Lorre as a greedy Jew who has become wealthy as a result of the actor’s efforts.

Sheen, a 9/11 conspiracist who also appears to dabble in Hebraic genealogy, is, even by Hollywood measures, an unmatched degenerate. Court filings in his divorce from Denise Richards (with whom he has two children) detail the depths of his deviant behavior.

Perhaps while he is busy explaining how Jews are among his best friends, Sheen can explain his use of the word “nigger” while screaming into Richards’s answering machine.

Transcripts of six vulgar and vicious messages left by Sheen were included in a Los Angeles Superior Court filing (to her credit, the actress has apparently never sought to sell the tapes).

Along with referring to Richards as a “fucking nigger,” Sheen called his estranged wife a “fucking asshole,” “fucking liar,” and “Dick face.” Richards also alleged that Sheen once shoved her to the ground and screamed, "I hope you fucking die, bitch." (2 pages)

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This FACT--which has been repeated over and over again and is emblematic of the reasons people don't trust the Internets--has been debunked. Spend a few minutes on Google if you care.
He doesn't.
Sorry sport, the stuff you get off of far left and far right web sites is just trash. Jewish people are very nice folks, just like you (maybe), and the PM of Israel would like very much to be at peace with his neighbors.
Women are stupid, aren't they?
They may seem that way to some men. Usually the guys that are home alone on Saturday night.
And of those classy women out on a Saturday night clubbing, at least half would still go home with this scum. And a much greater percentage than that if there was some type of financial gain. I say it again, women are stupid, aren't they?
Please don't say again - you've said too much already and removed all doubt. Most people can only listen to so much crap from an idiot like you before they start overdosing on your conceited stupidity...
Sorry dude. I like women. They like me. It seems to work out. If you are meeting a lot of stupid women, I recommend you hang out with a better class of people.