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Janet Jackson Meds Mystery

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Janet Jackson Meds Mystery

TSG loves this lawsuit!

Janet Jackson's former chef, one Ricardo Macchi, claims that the singer and boyfriend Rene Elizondo illegally used Macchi's name to obtain a variety of prescriptions from a Malibu pharmacy. The Los Angeles Superior Court file in Macchi v. Jackson contains two marvelous exhibits, both of which are reproduced here along with a key excerpt from Macchi's original 1999 complaint.

Seems that Macchi realized his name had been hijacked when he stumbled across a prescription in Jackson's refrigerator with his name on it. Then Macchi got a printout from the local pharmacy of other scrips issued in his name and carrying Jackson's Pacific Coast Highway address.

In his lawsuit, Macchi alleges that Jackson and Elizondo--acting in concert with two doctors--used his name so that the couple wouldn't be connected to the embarrassing prescriptions (and we're not talking about that Claritin or Retin-A). The duo surely was more preoccupied with the Recombivax, Zoloft, Revia, Zovirax, Pondimin, and Effexor. Highlights from the court file include:

Page 1: Found in Janet's fridge.

Pages 2-3: The pharmaceutical inventory.

Pages 4-9: Chef cries foul.