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Possible Proof Of Trump U.S. Birth Uncovered

Discovery could quell "Trumper" movement concerns

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UPDATE: Two hours after the below story was published, Trump released a copy of his birth certificate. Click here to view it.  

MARCH 29--Though Donald Trump has yet to release his actual birth certificate, a tantalizing clue emerged today that may indicate the multimillionaire developer was, in fact, born in the United States, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Trump, who has challenged President Barack Obama to prove he is an American citizen, yesterday released what he claimed to be his own birth certificate (“It took me one hour to get,” he crowed). Except the document Trump proffered was not an official New York City birth certificate, but rather a document purportedly produced by Jamaica Hospital, where Trump was reportedly born in June 1946.

In an attempt to track down proof of the 64-year-old Trump’s citizenship, TSG today traveled to the main branch of the New York Public Library, which houses a collection of microfiche indices to New York City births. The microfiche cards contain the official Department of Health ledgers of births, broken down by year and borough.

An examination of envelope XMG-1108--which contains an alphabetical listing of all recorded births in New York City in 1946--reveals that a child with the surname “Trump” and the given name “Donald” was born on June 14 in Queens. As seen above (click to enlarge), the entry also includes the number of the corresponding Department of Health birth certificate--7624. The real estate developer has said he was born on June 14.

A New York City birth certificate includes information about a child’s parents, where and when the birth occurred, and the signature of the medical official who attested to details of the birth. However, like Hawaii, New York City birth certificates are not public documents. A copy of a birth certificate will only be released by the Office of Vital Records to the named party or an attorney representing them.

So, to quell suspicions from the growing “Trumper” movement, The Donald--if he does not already have a copy of certificate 7624 from 1946--may want to head here and get his order in the pipeline. A copy will set him back $15, plus $8.30 for a “mailing and service charge.” If Trump orders now online, the wait for processing on his request will only be a few days. (2 pages)

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Regardless of Obama's BC, the following questions still remain: 1. Did your mother relinquish your US citizenship, as was her right and legal requirement, when she married and her new husband adopted you in Indonesia? 2. Is it correct that you did not get your first US passport until 2004? 3. Under who's passport and as who's citizen did you travel when going to Africa, Indonesia, and Pakistan before 2004? 4. If your US citizenship was relinquished or that you gave allegience to a foreign country, when and how did you recover your US citizenship? 5. Did you at any point or in any respect attend any US college a foreign student?
1. Nonsense! Obama was a minor when he went to Indonesia and a minor when he came back. A minor cannot ever renounce his US citizenship. A parent cannot ever under any circumstances renounce citizenship on behalf of his/her child, it's flat out not possible, US Law prevents it. There is also no evidence he's ever been adopted by anyone, not that adoption would change the renouncing aspect a jot anyway.
Sounds reasonable, how about some answers for number 2 through 5? I believe he attended US colleges as an Indonesian exchange student named Barry Soetoro.
Given the answer to number 1, and especially the fact that you think that answer sounds reasonable (which you could hardly not do in any case seeing as it is the law and not just somebody's opinion) most of your other questions become pointless or nonsensical as a result of that answer. Obviously since he couldn't have renounced his citizenship and since he was an American citizen and since he travelled extensively in the 80's and 90's , what other passport but a USA one would he have travelled on? For much the same reasoning 2004 wouldn't have been the first time he had a US passport. Why would you think it was in the first place? Why would you believe he attended US colleges as an Indonesian exchange student in the first place? He wasn't Indonesian (impossible for him to get an Indonesian passport) and there's zero evidence whatsoever he attended any college as a foreign exchange student. I sincerely hope you are not basing this belief on the infamous April Fool's day hoax about this subject that some birther bloggers thought was real and started spreading and which many people still recount as if it were real.
I believe that he lied and/or used his dual citizenship on his application in order to get a free (his first college) stated that he got a "full scholarship" and that he went by Barry. I am not aware of this april fools day hoax.
I suggest you read this link carefully. It should answer any doubts you have about the hoax I mentioned and about his attendance at Occidental. He did not attend Occidental as Barry Soetero nor did he attend on any foreign student grant. At Occi he was known as Barry Obama. Furthermore he was entitled to claim British citizenship up until he was 23, but didn't do so. He had no entitlement to Indonesian citizenship. He could not possibly have attended college in USA as a foreign student.
If people investigated and spent as much time on Obama's birth certificate as they did on Trump's birth certificate the birther movement wouldn't exist. Ohhh wait, I forgot, questioning anything about Obama is racist.
and don't you see that this little thing with donald is just charades? too much time on television, i guess. reality people. this country is falling to pieces.
really people? still riding on something that has been proven false. repeating a lie does not make it true, but it does seem to increase mass deception. obama has shown his birth certificate... it has been verified... the state of hawaii says it's the real deal... can you produce a hawaiian birth certificate for anyone born in 1961 that is any different? do you REALLY believe that a conspiracy to make him president actually started in 1961? you don't have to like him. i don't care either way. please use intelligence when making an argument against someone.
Sorry but you're only partly right. The COLB (issued to Obama in 2007) is a "birth certificate" in terms of legality and validity and it indeed every bit as legal as the birth certificate originally issued to Obama's family in 1961. However the COLB bears no physical resemblance to birth certificates issued in 1961, why would it anyway? What I think, or at least hope you meant to say is that anyone and everyone applying for a copy of their birth certificate from Hawaii anytime after the year 2000 (when their system changed) would have been given nothing other than a COLB in exactly the same format as the one Obama published. That is indisputable. Birthers have been hunting for any other format copy BC issued to an applicant after 2000 for nearly 3 years without finding one so it is reasonable to assume that Hawaii are telling the truth when they say that this is all they have issued for years. That being understood, make no mistake about it, if the original 1961 BC is in the Hawaii files and the President of the United States says he wants it taken out of the files, photocopied and signed/stamped by Hawaii you can be pretty sure they would do it pretty snappy. Whether the President is inclined to ask for it is quite another matter. He is certainly under no obligation to as he has proved his USA birth already.
He has yet to prove anything, his internet copy has never been vetted by Hawaii, in fact they have refused to on several occasions. A legal copy has a raised seal this one on factcheck has an incised seal, it's a forgery. And yes he is under obligation to prove he meets Natural Born Status.
That's not a birth certificate. It's a cert of live birth. That's why the governor of Hawaii said he'll find it... but couldn't. There wouldn't be any need for the governor to say that if the BC was already produced. Nobody is saying the conspiracy started in 1961. Where do you get that from? That said, I'm not a birther and I think Obama is being obtuse on purpose. He wants the conspiracy to continue.
I think the 1961 comment is based on the fact that people looking to discredit Obama accidentally uncovered birth announcements that had been published on Sunday, Aug. 13, 1961 in two Hawaii newspapers: the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin. The announcements said that Mr. & Mrs. Barrack H. Obama had a son on Aug. 4th.
Too bad those announcements aren't in ALL of the Star Advertiser's Microfiche across all the islands. Strange isn't it. Now you can add to microfiche but to remove in several library copies?
That's interesting because Obama's father also had a wife in Kenya at the time. I think the whole fiasco about Obama's birth is just a cover-up to take the heat off his parents' indiscretions and also the fact that his step-father raised Obama as a Muslim.
The Governor said no such thing. He definitely said nothing at all about intending to find a birth certificate and publish it. Why on earth would he need to "find" a BC he already knows they have.....and do you really think that the Gov of Hawaii didn't already know that privacy laws prevented him releasing any birth certificate in their files? Get real. It's quite clear he was looking for something else, perhaps letters between hospital and vital records dept or notations on files etc that he might be able to release without violating the privacy laws. He found some snippet he thought might be able to release but the Hawaii Attorney general said no, you can't even release that. A mountain was made out of a molehill by birthers then disingenuously making the ridiculous suggestion that it was the birth certificate he was looking for and thet he couldn't find it. That is absurd in the extreme. Think about it. The whole world already knew that the birth certificate couldn't be released at the time Abercrombie first spoke about what he was going to do. Is it even remotely believable that the Governor wouldn't have known?
But then again, all he has to do, since their such good friends is call "President Obama" and ask for the release of the long form birth certificate. Trump knew exactly what he was doing, he purposely released the hospital bc, all you people spent more time examining his bc than you have Barry's. Then after you've all made complete fools out of yourselves including your media heads, ta-dum! This is what a legal long form looks like and it's nothing like obama's Certification of Live Birth, the Certification only proves a child was born alive. Even Sun Yat Sen, founding father of the Republic of China (Taiwan), who was born in Cuiheng, China, was issued a Certification of Live Birth by the State of Hawaii. It's long been known Hawaii is the place to go for illegals to magically become American citizens, it's Hawaii's dirty little secret. The publication of a birth notice in the local paper also proves nothing as these notices are routinely taken off the Certificate of Live Birth registrations. When released a “Certification of Live Birth” in August 2008, the organization did not disclose that it lacked the information present on the official long-form document which contains the signature of the doctor who delivered the child, the height and weight of the baby, and considerable personal information about the parents such as occupation and their birthplaces. An official document also would have contained a raised stamp from the Registrar of Vital Statistics, the seal is not raised, it's incised! It's a forgery, this is why the State of Hawaii will not verify what was put on the internet is a legal copy. Questions directed to staff members have repeatedly gone unanswered.
Show us one Hawaian Birth Certificate stating birth in Hawaii for one person who wasn't born in Hawaii....or refer us to where we can find one. You say it's well known that this happened, there must be us one, just one. I'll give you a clue, birthers, including teams of lawyers and private investigators have been searching for one for nearly three years and have found the sum total It is just another birther myth that Hawaii handed out US birth certificates like candy. There is no evidence at all of this. Please don't be so stupid as to repeat the Sun Yat Sen nonsense in this context in front of rational adults. His fake was cobbled together in 1904, some 55 years before Hawaii even became a US State. It has no relevance at all to the reliability of Hawaian BC's from the 1960's. Obama's COLB has a very clear raised seal and has been declared by Hawaii officials, including once under oath,to be the certificate they issued in June 2007. Has it escaped your notice that Trump also released a short form birth certificate copy which he received in 1999 when he applied for a "copy birth certificate". It is broadly similar in content to the COLB which Obama got when he applied for a "copy birth certificate" in 2007, only has slightly less info on it than Obama's COLB. Both Trump's short form and Obama's COLB are birth certificates in every possible legal sense. Trump's short form bc can be found here.. Of course NYC (Trump's bc) and Hawaii (Obama's bc) have different procedures for what copies can be supplied. A citizen can still order a NYC long form, Hawaii stopped issuing long forms in 2001 onwards, though obviously a US President could easily twist an arm if he really wanted one.
That's not a birth certificate. It's a cert of live birth. That's why the governor of Hawaii said he'll find it... but couldn't. There wouldn't be any need for the governor to say that if the BC was already produced. Nobody is saying the conspiracy started in 1961. Where do you get that from? That said, I'm not a birther and I think Obama is being obtuse on purpose. He wants the conspiracy to continue.
Yes. Yes they do. The average ding bat American just believes what FoxNews and Jesus tells them.
I have more trust in Donald Trump's birth certificate than ANYTHING i've seen from Obama. Trump's birth certificate is signed by a WITNESS! You know, someone that actually SAW the event.
Hopefully even the most anal of readers will surely NOW understand the humour behind the first thread.
WOW - you have done more investigating into the birth certificate of some blowhard millionaire than you have President Obama. Oh, the irony.
Yes EXACTLY. You think that blowhard Donald knew exactly what he was doing? My guess is a resounding YES!
It's amazing how easily TSG found proof of Trumps birth. Perhaps now they can do the same for Obama and put this whole this to rest!
The difference is Trump wants to release his BC, Obama doesn't want to release his. If he doesn't want to release it, it can't happen while he's alive, not without a subpoena.....and no-one is going to get a subpeona without evidence of any fraud or the like. So far there is not a solitary shred of such evidence.
Are you smoking crack? Is that it? No evidence? You fools. You poor fools. This describes you perfectly: "You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief isn’t based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe" Carl Sagan
Whew! What a relief! Now I can not vote for him simply because he is an arrogant jerk.
Well, Obama is an arrogant jerk, and he STILL refuses to reveal his birth certificate.
Yes an arrogant jerk who made and is making fools out of all of you obots.