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Sheryl Crow, The Queen Of Green

Singer’s 2010 rider demands recycled toilet paper, offers promoters “greening” tips

 Sheryl Crow

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Sheryl Crow Rider

AUGUST 11--Touring the United States and Europe this year, Sheryl Crow arrives at venues with an assortment of environmental demands certain to vex concert promoters, according to a review of the musician’s 2010 backstage rider.

The document, excerpted here, actually has a 2-1/2 page “environmental portion” to be “strictly followed and policed.” Seeking to “minimize the overall environmental impact of our tour,” Crow demands that only biodegradable cups and dinnerware be used by the caterer. Produce should be “organic and purchased from local suppliers as much as possible.” And for the five backstage “watering stations,” water “must be sourced from a local spring water vendor.”

According to Crow’s rider, her tour party travels between gigs in two 45-foot buses, while her equipment is packed into two tractor-trailers.

Crow, 48, also offers promoters “venue greening suggestions.” She wants “traditional light bulbs” swapped out for compact fluorescent bulbs in “all offices, dressing rooms and common areas.” “Eco-friendly cleaning and bathroom products” and “post-consumer recycled toilet paper and paper towel” should also be used. Crow’s rider also notes that, “We strongly encourage you to use renewable sources and/or to buy sustainable energy credits where possible. Many local utilities offer ‘green power’ as an option--please check with yours and opt in.”

The document also details how Crow’s backstage hospitality room is to be stocked. The singer needs an assortment of “biodegradable non-petroleum cups” and 24 “disposable napkins made of 100% recycled fiber.” Crow’s rider also lists a wide variety of drinks and snacks that she needs, including organic coconut water and two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon (“Sheryl’s Favorite” is Stag’s Leap Artemis). Two “good quality, dark, organic chocolate bars” are described as “***VERY IMPORTANT***”

[Our copy of Crow’s 2010 rider has a number of items crossed out. It is unclear whether this indicates that the individual items had been obtained, or whether the promoter declined to supply them.]

As in a prior Crow rider, the current version includes her specific liquor schedule. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, she needs a small bottle of Ketel One vodka that will be mixed with a half-gallon of organic cranberry juice. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, Crow requires a bottle of Patron tequila that will be mixed with a half-gallon of organic grapefruit juice. (6 pages)

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Why can't these wealthy divas bring their own food and drink?
y wonder if she has considered usind "used" paper for her skanky , overexposed ass !
I wonder if she has ever considered using used toilet paper. Fitting for that skank !
I think that it is perfectly acceptable for people with more talent than all of rest of us to fly around and tour making a bigger carbon footprint than each of you will do in your lifetime to tell you lowlifes how to live. Do a on where Al Gore lives vs. where G.W lives. One lives the truth the is part of the elite class that rules you. Talk about an inconvenient truth. Do as I say not as I do. Another annoying fact to the elite class like Cheryl is that the carbon footprint for 100% recycled paper is much greater than a blend. I hate when facts get in the way of a good ruling class liberal movement. Thank God they all know better than we do.
What a hypocrite. If she TRULY wanted a 'green venue', she'd have a live streamed concert with no live audience present. No fuel wasted getting there. Then she should sell her music by download only. Why contribute to pollution mailing CD's and DVD's that need to arrive by truck? Just another elitist who thinks up great ideas that don't include how she lives HER life.
Sheryl can do what she wants regardless of how silly it is because she make an extreme amount of money, using whatever talent her fans deem she has, in a free society where the population has enough money to afford the tickets. She also enjoys the freedom of speech guaranteed in the constitution and is free to berate the system that is making her rich. JUST DON"T DEMAND MY COMPLIANCE WITH YOUR ECCENTRICITIES!
Perfectly fitting since her shows and her talent are re-cycled CRAP!
Sheryl Crow is living in La La Land!
She is welcome to have mine after I'm done.
Hey txvet, where do you think the paper to make the recycled toilet paper originally came from? How about trees!!!!! Goodness gracious! SCA makes a 100% Post-Consumer toilet paper and towels, BUT the original fiber BEFORE it was recycled came from, oh no, trees. We actually have more trees today in the U.S. than we did in the 1700's before we became a nation. Paper companies for more than a century have planted more trees than they cut down. That's in this country, not other foreign countries, mind you. You may want to pass that on to Ms. Crow or whomever. Good luck!
I haven't read all of the comments. Someone may have mentioned the following: We don't need to worry about "cutting down trees" for toilet paper. Public Television ran an interesting 30 minute documentary some years ago, regarding the 3,700 tree farms located in the South Eastern portion of the United States, from which virtually all of our pulp paper needs are met. Need I mention that trees are a renewable resource? That fact was also described in the documentary. A certain amount of acreage is harvested, then replanted.
What a bore.
She brings a whole new meaning to the word 'sh#%paper.
Funny how you think some people have a life just because there in the spot light, NOT ! hehe just listen to the stupid comments they make.. Ergo.. Mizz Crow
ok, no way I can use just one sheet, if mrs, mz ,miss or what ever shes called these days, wants to use one sheet or paper so thin your frigken finger pops through, thats her business. Keep out of mine. as for mz Crow, her music dosnt do a thing for me, but then Im a ZZ Top man. hehe
ok, no way I can use just one sheet, if mrs, mz ,miss or what ever shes called these days, wants to use one sheet or paper so thin your frigken finger pops through, thats her business. Keep out of mine. as for mz Crow, her music dosnt do a thing for me, but then Im a ZZ Top man. hehe
@txvet - It's clear that most of the people posting here have absolutely no clue about what "recycled toilet paper" means. Again, it's just toilet paper made from recycled paper instead of from trees. Why is it so weird and offensive to all of you guys that Sheryl Crow wants to promote the use toilet paper that's better for the environment during her tour? Can someone please explain this to me? I guess it's not really surprising. It's typical for a lot of people - get all emotional and jump to stupid conclusions about an issue you don't understand at all. That's pretty much how the Tea Party works right there...
@ilikefood - Get off your high horse, please. Yes, some of the comments regarding recycled toilet paper amount to little more than potty humor, but if you cannot see and appreciate the obvious joke, then at least spare us your moral outrage. What I fail to see is exactly how recycled toilet paper is better for the environment. From everything I've read, recycled TP is rougher and weaker than virgin TP. Since it's weaker, you have to use more of it, and because it's rougher, your, ummm, "outlet" gets more raw. In addition, I've never understood why people get so upset about cutting down trees. Although the time scale is different, trees are just as renewable as, say, corn. And it is well known that a growing forest consumes more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than an old forest, so you'd think all the global warming groupees would be for more virgin TP, not more recycled TP. If Ms. Crow wants to use a single square, good for her. Just don't demand that I move one iota in that direction.
She's more than welcome to my used toilet paper if she wants to recycle it.
Hey Sheryl, lead by example. Stop wiping your ass!!
I cannot believe I paid good money to see her a few years ago. I remember the awful TP that the Army handed out in the ration boxes back in the mid 60's. The PX's did a good business in real TP.
We don't know whats on her mind but we sure know whats on her fingers!
If she offers to shake hands... Don't
I wouldn't want to see anything pristine in proximity to her nethers either. this the same woman who said a couple of years ago.......... that we should only use ONE sheet of TP? I thought she was a nut case then ,now I know she must be. Lance Armstrong was way too good for this lady. She needs to get her head out of the toilet, enough already.
Is “post-consumer recycled toilet paper" as bad as it sounds? Not everything that can be recycled ought to be.
Sheryl Crow, her head is already filled with "recycled" toilet paper. When these air-heads make statements like this, you have to wonder who lets them out without a leash on?
Stoopid Bagina, don't play any new songs. Only recycled or old songs will be accepted. At what point does an elitist left wing pinhead understand what STFU and sing means? This is the kind of idiot that voted for Obama, get out of our lives and stay out.
It doesn't really matter to me, I'll stuff either recycled, or non-recycled toilet paper in my ears at one of her shows so I don't have to hear her "crappy" music.
This may be a stupid question, but how do you recycle toilet paper
Typical of idiot, liberal brainwashed musicians. Don't have a clue. As an engineer, I could easily refute her assertions regarding the efficiency of being 'green', but she'd be incapable of understanding it. For what she is capable of understanding, makes no sense. The new height of narcissistic eco-insanity is dictating to us 'masses' how many squares of TP we should use. How funny it would be to see 100's of people throw rolls of TP at her during her next concert! I strongly suggest to Ms. Crow that she keep the level of her own idiocy to herself, by shutting up, before she ruins her own career [sic].
.... doesn't this dumb bell know that ALL paper is recycled? That both in the south and the northwest pulpwood plantations are planted with fast growing trees specifically for paper products and NOTHING goes to waste?
Maybe Lance Armstong was on to something when he left... Lance you can stay over, but bring your own roll...
Shut up and wipe!
Tom, that's funny, a take on Laura's Shut up and sing
I've seen several of these entertainment contracts, and she's about on par with the rest of them. On one hand, I can see a value in establishing some consistency between venues in terms of food, drink, etc. especially when on a long tour, and I can see how the travel could get a little old. But the realist in me knows that--perhaps with a handful of exceptions--they're just a bunch of spoiled, wealthy entertainers with a sizable opinion of themselves. And another thing; I find it ironic that those gifted with talent (musical, athletic, etc.) that affords them such opulent lifestyles could be so mentally vapid. I love her music, and, in my humble opinion, is damn attractive (although at this age, we might be seeing more of PhotoShop, than Sheryl), but perhaps there's a *reason* she still isn't married. Her fixation on all things anal does bode well for her IQ much less her public image. My advice is this: Your financial patronage of Sheryl is your business; just treat her as so many village idots--nod your head kindly--and move on.
instead of giving money to this half-wit, why not support deserving and actually talented artists like the american dollar who are humble in offering their great talents -
Guys . . .Oh, guys! Look, Sheryl is a great singer, she used to be cute too, but apart from her musical talents, she's doesn't have a lot to offer. The woman is just not very bright. Getting all worked up over the antics of someone with her limited intellectual ability is pointless. We should all just smile at her and nod our heads sympathetically, like I'm sure her manager does, as well as those who get her cute little list of "demands". I doubt she'd know the difference between a recycled paper cup and one made from the crushed hearts of baby seals.
Dear Sheryl: Be green! Use both sides of your toilet paper.
I usually just get the music and videos from someone on Limewire. But I'm really thinking I should just delete this girls stuff. What a bunch of Bovine Excretment. I think maybe she could go and preform with the Dixie Chicks.
Dear Ms. Crow - USED to be a big fan. Now I just listen to all my Bach cds and turn the channel when one of your songs comes on the radio. Buh bye!
Two important things to do with LibTARD musicians. Don't go to their concerts and steal their music!!!!
And for snacks, one organic nut.
Gee, she's so concerned about being green? What about her CHINESE manufactured clothing line, Bootheel Trading Co.? Isn't China THE major polluter of planet Earth? And wonder if those poor souls slaving over her clothing make enough to buy their own TP. I was stunned when I read the label stating "Made in China." Funny the media has yet to pick up on that. And what of her new blonde hair? Surely she realizes that bleach and chemical process goes right down the drain when it's washed out? How green and safe is that?
No wonder this woman can't find a man. She would be constantly checking the toilet paper roll in the bathroom to see how much he had used, or giving him asinine instructions about what kind of paper cups to buy at the grocery store. I wonder if she requires a certain percentage of post-consumer content in her Tampax? What a complete, unmitigated kook.
Ms Crow let us know when your tour will be coming to the Midwest, we will be able to supply with plenty of recyclable wipes, they are called corncobs, they be disposed of easily and helps to add fertilizer to the soil. They will also provide you with a sensation you will never forget.
Dear Sheryl: I'm sorry you've come upon such hard times. I know while I was ducking real bullets years ago, for idiots like you, it was not pleasant having to use toilet paper someone else had used. But alas, it was a necessity of the time. I'm sorry but I never considered previously used toilet paper as green. Brown maybe. Shaw, what a total waste of humanity.