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Thieves Hit Jackpot In Nelly's Hotel Room

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Thieves Hit Jackpot In Nelly's Hotel Room

Michelle Branch Police Report

OCTOBER 28--Some Las Vegas thief hit the jackpot last night, swiping $1.2 million in jewelry from the hotel room of the rap star Nelly, who was in Sin City performing at an awards show.

The burglar also boosted $4500 in cash and electronics equipment from the Aladdin Hotel room of pop singer Michelle Branch, also in town for the 2003 Radio Music Awards.

Police said the two rooms, located a floor apart, appeared randomly selected by the crook (TSG, on the other hand, bets this was an inside job).

While we feel for poor Nelly (real name: Cornell Haynes), we must say this Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report is rather entertaining since cops listed all the merchandise reported stolen and the accompanying price tags.

Our favorite missing bling-bling is Nelly's Nike shoe pendant ($25,000) and his "diamond studded dice," valued at $10,000. He also lost a dainty $150,000 "tennis bracelet," though he might not want to mention that to his hardcore compatriots.

By comparison, Branch has less to complain about, since she only lost $700, an iPod, and her Apple laptop, according to this police report. The local Crime Stoppers program is offering a maximum reward of up to two grand for information leading to the indictment of the Aladdin bandit. (7 pages)

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Hmmm...already had estimates ready? Something doesn't smell right...and it ain't the tennis shoe bling.