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Wife: Stone Cold Gave Me The Smackdown

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Wife: Stone Cold Gave Me The Smackdown

Stone Cold Marriage License

*** 11/25 UPDATE: Stone Cold pleads no contest in assault case.

*** 8/14 UPDATE: Stone Cold surrenders to authorities.

The wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin (real name: Steven Williams) told San Antonio cops Saturday (6/15) that the professional wrestler assaulted her following an argument, leaving her with a welt on her face and bruises on her back, according to this police incident report. Responding to a 911 call, officers found Debra Williams, 42, standing at the front door of her home crying. She told cops that her husband "hit her several times after an argument," and left the residence after she called police. While cops redacted Steven Williams's name from the report, it is clear that he is the assault suspect referred to since the document indicates that Debra Williams told officers she "was nervous because she said her 'husband is famous.'" She added, "I can't believe he hit me." While cops were interviewing Debra Williams, the wrestler twice called his house and spoke to officers, though he "declined" police requests to return to the residence. As is customary in domestic abuse cases, a "uniformed evidence technician" was dispatched to the Williams home to document Debra's injuries. The police probe of Steven Williams will be held in abeyance until Debra decides whether to pursue charges against her husband (click here to see the couple's September 2000 Las Vegas marriage certificate). (2 pages)