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This Is Your Fame On Drugs

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This Is Your Fame On Drugs

Amy Wesson American Express

Two of a kind:

1) Just when we thought Ally McBeal may have found Mr.Right, Robert Downey Jr. goes and gets popped again, this time with coke and crank in hand at Merv Griffin's Palm Springs resort. Here's the police press release announcing the 35-year-old actor's latest drug rap. Downey was arrested without incident--unlike TSG's favorite celebrity drug bust. (1 page)

2) Speaking of bad habits, supermodel Amy Wesson returned to the catwalk last year after a well-documented cocaine problem. But as this New York lawsuit shows, the 23-year-old model (who has done ad campaigns for Versace, Valentino, and BCBG) hasn't been able to kick a stubborn $109,000 American Express bill. Wow, membership does have its privileges. (2 pages)