Another Nuptial Nincompoop

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Another Nuptial Nincompoop

AUGUST 26--We can't get enough of these wedding melee stories!

On the heels of the Connecticut-bride-goes-bonkers episode comes word that a Michigan construction worker/convicted felon was arrested early Saturday morning for a drunken rampage at a catering hall near Flint.

According to this Corunna Police Department report, Michael VanStrate, 31, got plastered and was "picking fights the entire evening," including one with a nine-year-old boy, whose face VanStrate smeared with cake. When the child's father interceded, VanStrate--who came to the reception as the date of an invited guest--bit off the man's right index finger.

As the brawl escalated, VanStrate bit the groom's thumb and elbowed the man's mother in the head, knocking the woman to the floor (witnesses said she may have blacked out at some point).

VanStrate, on probation for malicious destruction of property, was arraigned yesterday on a variety of assault charges. Here's hoping that the newlyweds were registered with Johnson & Johnson. (1 page)