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Are You Ready For Some Mug Shots?

Dora the Explorer spotted in latest booking photo roundup

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Are You Ready For Some Mug Shots?

NOVEMBER 28--Boots the Monkey will not be pleased to learn that this week's mug shot roundup kicks off with a 20-year-old Floridian (and accused batterer) partial to his best friend, Dora the Explorer.

As for the other booking photos, keep in mind: 1) The 20-year-old woman on page #5 has been arrested four times in the past seven months, most recently Monday for grand larceny; 2) Those are the titles of two Hank Williams Jr. songs on the back of the 28-year-old guy on page #11. He was arrested Sunday for possessing marijuana within 1000 feet of a church; and 3) Arrested Tuesday for violating probation, the 41-year-old suspect on page #15 was apparently photographed in his wheelchair. (18 pages)