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Babes In Mugland

Combative kids, kooky crossdresser highlight booking photo roundup

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Babes In Mugland

OCTOBER 17--With the new school year in full swing, underage perps nationwide are being busted for allegedly battering and threatening classmates and teachers alike. And, like the young arrestee who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup, they have to pose for booking photos just like older suspects.

A few other notes: 1) The bewigged gent on page #3 was, of course, nabbed for trying to burglarize an Alabama beauty parlor; 2) The gentleman on page #4 was collared for public intoxication. As for that facial splatter, well, your guess is as good as ours; 3) The 21-year-old woman on page #8 was photographed in neighboring Georgia counties Wednesday morning; 4) The 18-year-old arrestee on page #10 was popped on cocaine possession charges; 5) Re: page #15, Cyndi must be thrilled with the tribute; and 6) No, that is not Angelina Jolie's little sister (on a bad day) on page #16. (17 pages)