Baby-Faced Anarchists Busted

Teenage Florida duo nabbed for arson after flag-burning spree

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Baby-Faced Anarchists Busted

JUNE 28--Meet Scott Baber and Brian Richard III.

The two Floridians, both 18, will hereinafter be referred to as the Baby-faced Anarchists (BA). The duo is facing felony arson charges (among other raps) for a flag-burning spree early Sunday morning.

According to sheriff's investigators, the BA drove around a Sarasota subdivision, red gasoline canister in hand, and set fire to several American flags flying outside homes.

For his part, Baber, a cook at Tijuana Flats, said he targeted the flag because he "disagreed with Free Trade, how the American Government is being run and the war in Iraq." Richard, who is unemployed and goes by the nickname Lil' B, said he torched Old Glory "because of who stands behind the American flag," adding that he disagrees with the Iraq war and believes President Bush has brainwashed Americans.

Facing many years in prison, perhaps the BA may want to consider fashioning a better defense of their antics. (3 pages)