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Balls Busted

Man in unfortunate t-shirt nabbed for explosives, drugs

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Balls Busted

AUGUST 10--Meet Craig Vanderwold.

The California man, 28, was arrested Friday afternoon on explosives and drug charges. The Sacramento resident was nabbed after a 61-year-old man scavenging for recyclables was injured when a crude explosive device detonated as he sought to open a plastic bottle whose lid had been taped shut. The force of the explosion broke the man's sunglasses and damaged his right eye.

When cops--who appear to have been familiar with Vanderwold--responded to his residence, they located similar "exploded plastic bottles," according to a Sacramento Police Department spokesperson. A subsequent police investigation also resulted in felony narcotics charges being filed against Vanderwold, who is jailed in lieu of $1 million bail.

Vanderwold's t-shirt would have been confiscated along with his other personal property as he was being booked into the Sacramento lockup. Click here for similarly dopey "message" t-shirts worn by arrestees. (1 page)