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Basket (Weave) Case

Mug shot roundup: Twisted tats, tattered flags, and a third Olsen?

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Basket (Weave) Case

JUNE 12--The tattooed man who leads off this week's mug shot roundup was busted last Friday in Florida for driving without a license. It is unknown what ink artist crocheted that pattern on the 39-year-old suspect's noggin.

As for the balance of booking photos, a few points of clarification: 1) Despite appearances, the 19-year-old woman on page #2--who was popped last Sunday in Georgia for underage drinking--is not the missing Olsen triplet; 2) Despite appearances, those are not bikini tan lines on the 24-year-old gent on page #3 (he was busted on a battery rap); and 3) Despite appearances, that is not an approximation of Greece's flag on the face of the alleged trespasser on page #5. (14 pages)