"Beat Whitey Night" At Iowa State Fair

Cops probe whether attacks were racially motivated

Iowa State Fair

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Iowa Fair Fights

AUGUST 24--Police are investigating whether a series of assaults at the Iowa State Fair were racially motivated since the attackers reportedly announced it was “Beat Whitey Night” during one attack.

According to a Des Moines Police Department report, a group of young black assailants pummeled a white fairgoer Friday night, an assault that cops believe may have racial overtones due to what was said by the attackers.

A report by Sgt. David Murillo noted that, “officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30-40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it ‘Beat Whitey Night.’” The victim, 36-year-old Jammie Carroll, suffered “severe injuries to his eyes, cheekbones, and nose,” and was hospitalized at Mercy Medical Center with multiple facial contusions.

Cops are examining other reported incidents at the fairgrounds since groups of black juveniles appeared to be singling out white victims. During one of these confrontations Sunday evening, two police officers were injured trying to break up a brawl (which resulted in five arrests).

A second police report notes that the Sunday incident again involved “a large fight with black male and female juveniles assaulting white citizens."

The motto for the fair, which closed Sunday, was "Non Stop Fun." (4 pages)

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I have lived right by the iowa state fair my whole life. These punks went to all the places where they could outnumber people! If they had come up into the midway or by the bud tent this would have had adifferent outcome! This was a racially motivated crime screw all you people trying to defend them by saying it wasn't. I am sick of working everyday to have my tax money fund the breeding of these parasites( and no I'm not saying blacks are parasites ) so if you don't think this was racially motivated then feel free to come to the Iowa State Fair this year on EASTSIDE NIGHT( the first friday of the fair) without protection and bring your wife and kids too! Then you can witness the BLATANT HATE CRIME for youself! It is time for the law abiding citizens of this country( whatever race you are) to stand up for what is right and quit backing down! People once fought and died to make this country great and now we just sit down and discuss it in a way that doesn't offend anyone! If we all start going through life without offending anyone where does it stop? Profiling works for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have worked in the amusement business for 13 yrs and have seen this before.usually this shiat happens in the south(look up the unchecked violence at the s.c. state fair EVERY year)but have seen it up here in new england too.(the back end of the midway at the Brockton Ma. fair is known as "blood alley")Albany Ga. thursday night is known as "black thursday" at the fair there and anyone who isn't black and has any common sense doesn't go anywhere near it.i've seen latinos riot in miami at a CHRISTMAS themed carnival with small children everywhere.i believe profiling people is wrong however,if you are on private property(fairgrounds usually are) they should be allowed to move along large groups of aggressive acting people regardless of ethnicity to make it safe and enjoyable for our paying customers who's patronage we in the biz appreciate very much for it is how we feed our children
These guys left out that the Police Department ended up FIRING the POLICE OFficer who reproted this, even though she had just been promoted/recommended for doing a great job. It was not that she had it wrong, it was that she SAID ANYTHING AT ALL. See, it's a dirty little secret that some yong Black people are RACIST THUGS. oh well, maybe if we just don't achnowledge "Beat WhITEY NIGHT" it will go away with the Sonshine. pray that the politicaly correct are right, but from experiience we all know that they are WRONG! Can you even imagine if the Races were reversed.. Hell, Sharpton would still be there eating Carney DOGS and free cotton candy.
This should be prosecuted as a racially motivated hate crime with attendant prosecution. Anything less is the governments blatant racist behavior towards whites. Where is the outcry? Sad to say it's gotten to the point where we need our versions of Jackson and Sharpton to step in and raise public awareness of the governments willfull allowance of abuse of it's white population.
NAACP = racist Black Politcal Caucus = racist United Ne*ro College Fund = racist Black Panthers = racist The list could go on and on..... But they want to label others as racist? Well we may be racist but we ain't stupid.
Where's Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson in regards to this? Hiding, because it's not a subject they want to cram into people's faces being the usual media-sluts that they are.
word dog!
Too pissed to comment. I'm holding back until charges are filed.
One of the previous posters indicated he was 58 and carried for a variety or reasons which were all good ones, I am also 58 and my lovely wife is 63 - we have been married for 32 years and have a good family. We have no desire to become victims regardless of whether it's race oriented, young punks thinking they can take something from an old man because they can, or those who are always intent on selecting a small, weaker target and taking whatever they have because they feel entitled to it. My family and I are caring folks and are always looking at how we can help others. If, however, we are confronted with evil intent, make no mistake - we may be old but we are not weak - we shall mitigate the risks, eliminate the threats, and take care of business ourselves.
I wonder if any of the assailants were charged with "hate crimes."
nah never happen with our president and attn general
They don't allow black on white crime to be "hate crimes".....there isn't enough prison space to do that.
If you survive to want to buy guns afterwords, then it was good . Thank you heathens for signing up new members to the NRA. To think of all the children and felons (including the assailants in the video) that can legally, no questions or ID asked, purchase the equivalent of dynamite at the local gas station. Don't believe in the power of the local gas station??? Then look up Winn Dixie Firebomb 1983ish in Jacksonville Florida sometimes. So ya think I'm a little wacky for thinking you should be able to buy a machine gun at Wal Mart with no infringements to the second amendment in the process??? Remember the ease of purchase at the local yokel BP station.
It started out with the intent to Beat Whitey at the Fair Games', but someoen took it too far....
Yanno. I have lived and grew up in the south my entire life. I have heard the "N" word uttered a couple of times, but surprisingly. I do not see racism. I do not hear my "white" friends berating blacks. As a matter of factly, this caucasian along with many others, were very vocal campaigning for our first black president. I also have very many african american friends. It is ironic, the most, if not all, racism I hear about is from them. Mostly in the form of classification of other african americans on the basis of their "skin color"? I will not go into details because I do not want to use the horrid words I would need to use to explain fully...but I think many know exactly what I am talking about. I do not even think of skin color until the topic is brought up. But I have always found this one of the great ironys of growing up and living in the south. (and I am not looking for any arguments to my comment. I am also not denying the past suffering of any african american in the early south. I am just relating my experience and the bewilderment of this being the third incident I have heard about in two days about african american racism. No pun intended here, but dont be a pot that calls the kettle black. It is VERY unbecoming.)
Well...lots of heated discourse here. The only thing that is certain is all racism is destructive. I think it was Richard Pryor who said (I am paraphrasing) if we all just keep *** each other, we will all be the same color after a few hundred years. Our descendents will look back on this nonsense and think..."How quaint, how naive our ancestors were about something so irrelevant."
We have an old saying back here in Africa: "you can mix black poop with vanilla icecream. It does not do the poop much good, but it completely messes up the icecream"
The comments about Africans (&, by logical extension African Americans) being a "genetically inferior race" and "violent and aggressive by nature" (citing current crime rates) make no sense. At the heart of everything, there are other factors. I'm sorry, genetics don't work that way. Their increased rates of cancer, etc. have to do with poverty, eating habits, inferior medical care. The "violent and aggressive by nature" also doesn't make much sense. Think about the nature v. nurture argument. Do they have a predisposition to be violent, or is it because of the environment they were raised in? Saying that Africa has many genocides and wars, and therefore all people of African origin are bad is stupid. The whole reason there are so many wars is because of all the conflict over tribal land and rights that originated after the Berlin Conference of 1884 when Europe divided Africa for the purposes of colonization. They split it along ridiculous lines that totally went against all existing tradition and cultural boundaries. Throw in a few supply shortages and power-hungry warlords and you have the fiasco that exists today. Toward the state fair incident, I agree that something has to be done and the problem has to be acknowledged in order for that to happen, but you can't make sweeping judgements based on a few examples. Though I don't want to use this example, it's like judging all Islamic people by 19 of their approx. 1.6 Billion practitioners.
You write: "...but you can't make sweeping judgements based on a few examples..." Yet that's exactly what YOU did at the beginning. You project some absolute horsecrap as YOUR interpretation of what supposedly ANYONE means who dares criticize the behavior of those blacks who are nothing but cheap-shot thugs as if we assume that ALL blacks are cheap-shot thugs. Attention, folks: THIS, is what holier than thou types (most common amongst the liberals set) do in the absence of a real point to make. They make up their own conclusion, apply it LIBERALLY to the person they wish to criticize, then criticize them as if that really IS their position. And then, Los Hippo saves the best (i.e. MOST ludicrous) for last: "Though I don't want to use this example..." WHAT? Of COURSE you do, that's why you USED it. Can't you libs man up enough to take responsibility for your own position (no matter HOW idiotic or hypocritical it is? Of course not... what was I thinking?? Continuing... "'s like judging all Islamic people by 19 of their approx. 1.6 billion practitioners. Uh, are you REALLY that ignorant? Seriously. Do I HAVE To spell it out to you? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see there's a lot more than 19 radical Islamics in the world who would love nothing better than to cut YOUR head off and MINE as infidels. If you honestly think that those of us who are against radical Islam are basing our commitment on the actions of "19 of their approximately 1.6 Billion practitioners," then you are seriously stuck on stupid. No, SERIOUSLY.
Africa has more resources than Europe, USA, and Asia put together yet they cant even feed themselves. The murder and torture their own people in the most brutal ways. Or how about Baby Rape, where they gang rape babies under 2 yrs old believing it will cure them of AIDS. Or eating people alive believing it will bring them good fortune. The more the victim is in pain and the more brutal the more good fortune it would bring. Google it all.. The white man didnt divide Africa. Africa has been starving, disease infested, ignorant for as long as there is evidence of its existance... Fact is Blacks are just not well evolved and are non competitive on a large scale so they always need someone to blame... They breed like rabbits even though there isnt enough food/water and they want to blame the white man for all their suffering w. nothing but disease everywhere... Its their own doing, they are responsible for their decisions and missery.
Lol, so you're uneducated as well as being racist. Figures.
I agree
"Africa has more resources---" Complete bullshiat. Asia alone has more natural resources than Africa. "Baby rape, Aids, pain=good fortune.." Do you seriously think this? Google says a lot of things. This is a bizarre collection of falsehoods masquerading as tribalistic beliefs. Africa is not a land full of heathen savages. People are still people. I don't even know what to label this as... ignorance or gullibility at best. "The white man didn't divide Africa." Berlin Conference. They divided it into spheres of influence (basically colonies or reserved foreign markets), which created many enduring problems. "Africa has been starving...for as long as there is evidence of it's existence." Africa wasn't always a hellhole. It was a pretty nifty place in the ancient world (ie Egypt). Things just didn't advance as quickly as Europe, and then things went downhill after the Berlin Conference. "Blacks are not well evolved, not competitive, breed like rabbits even though there isn't food and water" People are negligibly different genetically, so it's all down to environment. How the hell could a successful businessman come out of a land so torn by conflict? That's nature vs. nurture. Those aspirations don't exist in a place where getting food and water and sustaining life is such an issue. As for the 'breeding like rabbits even tho there isn't food' bit, rural families always have more kids than urbanized families, because more people=more workers. If you have a bigger family it is easier to work more land. This doesn't apply to all Africa, but in places where it truly is 3rd World bigger families are an advantage, and traditional. Ok it's not their fault. What would you do if you were born into a society plagued with genocides and tribal warfare and crippling diseases that have gone on for so long that nobody remembers why they started? In that situation you don't have a lot of options.
Wake up you ignorant douche bag. Take your poison speak elsewhere. You are truly why The United States is where it is today. I guess you think that whites have the same physiology as blacks too huh. Los Hippobear you are a big *** pussy.
What do you think would going to happen when we have beat blackie night??? I
It would be the top story on CNN, even if it happened on September 11, 2001.
I have not heard about this anywhere until today.(Sat 8/28).I was listening to the News Junkie on WGN Radio and was shocked about this story. HOW could this story not have been reported by Network news or even on CNN. Of course I have my ideas why but.... My God!!! This is really a big deal and instead of reporting this nationally we get stories about Pairs Hilton and a drug bust(so what) and "news" about Lisa Lohen???? This is real news. These kids have no idea how messed up they are. For years guys like AL Sharton have tried to give America the impression only the white people can be racists. Well I have known from listening to friends for many years that is not true., This is another BIG example of how anyone can be racist. This is news that should be put on front pages and maybe someone can learn from this. Media needs to quit covering up things out of "political correctness" . Come on people "pc" is over and the truth needs to be in the fore front. Lets hope someone can reach these kids and show them they were wrong to think they can get by with these actions. then again if it is ignored they will get by with much worse!!!
Aren't all violent crimes a hate crime on some level?
yes but a crime committed on someone soley because of ones ethnic backround is a racial crime. of course any violent crime has imbedded hate in the perps head. their are also violent crimes committed because the person enjoys it, or with the morons in iowa ganging up on innocent men woman and children thats just blatent ignorance and them knowing they can get away with it because law abiding citezins in this country whether they are black white hispanic asian hide their heads in the sand and dont have the balls to do anything about it. there is going to be a huge race war in this country and ill be dambed if my italian ass is gonna be hiding in the basement! ill die first before i allow some out of control scumbag gangbangers take over my town.
thanks be to Allah that none of the whiteys had a weapon to defend themselves. that would have been a hate crime.
@ jplresearcher on Fri, 2010-08-27 01:36.... you said "thanks be to Allah that none of the whiteys had a weapon to defend themselves. that would have been a hate crime." This is exactly why citizens need to be able to carry a weapon without fear of intimidation from their government. As a former denizen of JPL myself who decamped to Texas 4 years ago, I am well familiar with what happens when a state sets about to systematically disarm the population. This incident is a prime example of that. Had it happened here in Texas, at least a few of these "misguided yoots" would have gotten themselves shot - which is exactly what needed to happen. Why would I or anyone else feel the need to carry a gun? A) for the same reason you use seatbelts in your car or a fire extinguisher in your kitchen. You don't leave home expecting an accident, but you want to be prepared for it if you do. B) A gun makes this 58 year old man the physical equal of any 19 year old punk. C) Because I can't carry a cop with me everywhere I go. And, D) because when seconds count and you REALLY need the police, they are only 5-10 minutes away. That other Americans want to disarm people like me is a hate crime in itself.
See, the problem with guns is that they make it easy for people to injure or kill other people. ~70% of murders are committed with guns. Just think how it would have been if all the black rioters (or gang or whatever) had guns. On that note, there were ~400,000 firearm thefts (for some reason, smuggling is included in this number:I) in the US last 5 years ago, and most of these weapons were ostensibly used for crimes (what else would illegal firearms be used for?). If we had tighter gun controls and these weapons weren't legally owned in the first place (not smuggling, but gun stores, etc.), then they wouldn't have been stolen. Self-defense works both ways. If it is easier for you to get weapons, it is easier for the supposed "aggressive, genetically inferior, sub-human" blacks to get them. And considering you can't carry a concealed weapon, and they wouldn't care either way, would it really help you that much in that situation?
What ever you may want to say about guns, responsible, legal owners, rarely act out in illegal activities. Responsible, legal gun owners are not the issue. There is 270 million guns in America or approx 90 guns for every 100 people. The responsible gun owners teach responsible gun ownership to their family. Responsible gun owners should not be punished because a few thousand people can't control their urge to steal. Sorry but the criminal element should not be my hindrance. Your rational is illogical. The rate of overdose deaths by prescription opioids and benzos has surpassed that of cocaine and heroin in the USA, it has reached epidemic proportions in places like Florida,Georgia, Ohio, and Arizona but should they punish the hundreds of thousands of legitimate users that have a need for the drugs? No absolutely not. My family and most of the families that I know that are legal gun owners, teach their family safe gun habits. It is not the legal gun owner that is the problem. You can't blame the merchant for the thief. That is ridiculous!
(that last gun bit was @wamprod...)
Yeah, I can't believe that the assaulting teenager (if not more) wasn't arrested on Sunday-- "Beat Whitey Night" was Friday! So now nobody has to read a calendar, either?! Hello-o-o!
Sounds like a hate crime. Let's prosecute it as such, shall we? It certainly would be prosecuted as such (vigorously, I might add) if a group of whites had attempted the same thing. You liberals need to reap what you sow.
Of course It's a hate crime. What does being liberal have to do with it?
@ lisavanlamp... What does being liberal have to do with it? Puhleeze. A little lesson in history is in order... Because it was liberals who gave us the hate crimes category in the first place, and yet they refuse to apply it evenly, as if whites were the only race capable of hate. It's part of the law of unintended consequences. Liberals never imagined they would get castigated for refusing to apply the law even against those whom they originally sought to protect with what is essentially a "feel good" solution, because in their minds, only whites were capable of hate crimes. Now liberals want to divorce themselves from the idea they gave birth to. I'm not inclined to let them do that without reminding them over and over again of the unwisdom of "feel good" legislation. That's what being liberal has to do with it. Sucks to be reminded, doesn't it?
exactly baldman. but sadly it will never happen
I feel dirty ...
u should. the truth hurts doesnt it?
I feel dirty, like I just brushed up against something evil. I don't think that you folks are racist. You have enough hate for everybody. That sir, is the truth.
Now, I am sorry that some black people resemble chimps and certain apes. They do. You can not deny it. The fact that it became offensive socially does not make it untrue. Look at the picture of the woman on this page: Now, deny it. If you did you are blind douche bag. And you are the reason of the downfall of America. For real.
Watch the video of the blacks fighting at that gas station. White people of whatever kind NEVER act like actual chimpanzees. Just like white people NEVER physically compare to black people. Two different genetic makeups. Not that one is better than the other. It's fact. Not evil. The average white person is smarter than the average black person. The average black person can run faster than the average white person. Period.
the facts are telling you where the hate is! but of course the whites are always in the wrong. its not the whites, its these perps and thugs. cold hard facts and you still defend them. hello your not seeing what any one is saying. we are not hating on anyone, i treat everone with respect. im pretty sure those perps are the ones with all the hate. chopper is right! Why not try to be a little more open minded from all sides. im not saying black people are bad. and i think the cops werent doing there job right. in all reality evil is all around you, dont forget you are making excuses for it. i love people and i want this world to be a better place but really its just getting worse. im sure im wasting my time i feel like im debating with the village idiot. u only see one side to the story.
no hate here, just pity and sorrow for blind ignorant self righteous morons like yourself. you are a lost cause . are you sure you werent in that group at the fair? whether you were or not doesnt matter, your just as much the blame for everything that is happening in this country because you try and justify the actions of those lil pricks. i hope you sleep well at night knowing you are partly responsible for what this country has become. and that sir is the truth.
"because you try and justify the actions of those lil pricks." No I didn't. Never, not at all. I’m not a sir either, but I’d like to think that in my 22 years of military with combat service, that I have made a difference for this country. I’m just not sure why you decided to launch an attack on me, but you are attacking the wrong person, for the wrong reasons…. Of course reason has never been part of this conversation has it?
dont bring your military service into this conversation please, i am a veteran also. you cannot bring service in the military to our attention and then turn a blind eye to problems occuring in our civilian life. i am not attacking you , i have been on this planet plenty of years to know the difference between right and wrong and i dont need to be preeched to about the ethical treatment of minorities and my responsability to bend over and take it in the you know what every time someone screams racism towards white people. the conversation that we have been having which you obviously havent been paying attention to is about why the media is covering up the racist actions of 40 blacks on whites and if it were the other way around it would be news all over the world. that was it...i have been listening to people justifying there actions and quite frankly it is boring me now. i give up, thanks for your comments.
According to the FBI statistics in 2009 about 35,000 white women were raped by black men. IN the same year 0 black women were raped by white men. It is the same lopsided statistics when it comes to all crime. Blacks are behind all in just about everything. Sure you can make 1 million excuses, and you have, but the fact is it's the same exact story all over the world where you have blacks not just in America. Show me just 1 country in this entire world that is mostly black that is at least competitive in the world ?? An entire continent of Africa, the ISlands, jamaica/ haiti, even many cities in America now have all turned to Crhaapphh. America is slowly turning into Amafrica and its ignorant white people like you that make excuses for these fools, and put us all in danger at the same time turning this once great country into 3rd world. How can USA stay competitive the more it mixes with the most inferior, least successful race of people on Earth ?? Even in Brazil almost everyone in the favelas (ghettos) are black... Keep in mind that blacks in America have it better than 90% of the entire world, yet they lag behind all races even other 3rd world countries... And its not like these blacks are friendly or even like you white people sticking up for them. Most hate you, they always need someone to blame for their inferiority !!!
good job question4seller! what do u have to say now lizard. more nonsense.