"Beat Whitey Night" At Iowa State Fair

Cops probe whether attacks were racially motivated

Iowa State Fair

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Iowa Fair Fights

AUGUST 24--Police are investigating whether a series of assaults at the Iowa State Fair were racially motivated since the attackers reportedly announced it was “Beat Whitey Night” during one attack.

According to a Des Moines Police Department report, a group of young black assailants pummeled a white fairgoer Friday night, an assault that cops believe may have racial overtones due to what was said by the attackers.

A report by Sgt. David Murillo noted that, “officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30-40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it ‘Beat Whitey Night.’” The victim, 36-year-old Jammie Carroll, suffered “severe injuries to his eyes, cheekbones, and nose,” and was hospitalized at Mercy Medical Center with multiple facial contusions.

Cops are examining other reported incidents at the fairgrounds since groups of black juveniles appeared to be singling out white victims. During one of these confrontations Sunday evening, two police officers were injured trying to break up a brawl (which resulted in five arrests).

A second police report notes that the Sunday incident again involved “a large fight with black male and female juveniles assaulting white citizens."

The motto for the fair, which closed Sunday, was "Non Stop Fun." (4 pages)

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I understand the racial revolt in the black citizens. They finally got a black president and he is now the least liked president in possibly forever. He is showing that blacks are inept leaders who really can only do vacations and parties real well. So the black youth are left without a leader of value and therefore they have no pride and feel that they are abandoned. So they call on their primal instincts which are to "hurt whitey" because whitey is the one who created the great welfare state and has taken away their resourcefulness and self determination. I'd be angry too.
According to the top law enforcement officer, Atty Gen Holder, hate crime laws do not apply when the victim is white. See his testimony here:
QUICK somebody call Al Sharpton and Jesse.....oh wait, wrong colored victims.
Let's see... the attackers announced it was 'Beat Whitey Night”', and the police are investigating whether it was racially motivated. Hmmm. Yeah, this is a tough one alright.
Hey "ithappensalot ", I can't seem to find any info about the July 7th 2002 incident at Milwaukee Musicfest. Can you give me some? I believe there are many violent incidents committed by blacks against whites based on race. The offenders are sneaky about not making it obvious that it's racial. I lived in Atlanta and those years shaped my opinions a lot. So can you give me some info please? Thanks.
This mob wasn't "sneaky" about their intentions in the least. I know this happened as I was there and have spoken with several police officers and employees of the festival who also witnessed this in person. More info? Sadly, you won't find it. We all refer to it as "the race riot that didn't happen." Perhaps exposing it here will encourage someone to come forward... But as I said in my original post. Officially, it never happened, so you won't find a single word about it.
what do ya mean sneaky! there not sneaky," beat whitey night". pretty blunt to me. they dont give a rats about being sneaky. our system has got the whole race thing all messed up. If theres any race thats being discriminated its the white race. were being a bunch of pussys letting all this stuff roll off our shoulders. Dont get me wrong im sorry for the slavery back in the day but nobody I new ever had a slave and not a black person alive today was a slave, so let it go. cant we all just get along?
If this were to be the other way around, it would be breaking news and the President would be inviting the victims to the White House.
Violence is genetic, learned &/or incited. Countless Democrats drill dishonest hate speech propaganda into minorities they are victims oppressed by Caucasians, America, free-enterprise & Republicans to keep them rounded up for votes. The result is a toxic mixture of violent disposition inflamed by hate speech, which explains why Democrat minorities commit the vast majority of violent crime according to state, FBI and DOJ statistics. Democrat leaders will do anything to "fundamentally transform" America so expect Democrat minority violence to continue & increase racial tensions. The FBI, DOJ & other officials try to hide the violent racism of minority Democrats. There may be other honest analyses of facts, but here is one source with analyses of crime statistics from 1999 & 2005: & colorofcrime2005.pdf. The first step to solving a problem is admitting the problem exists. Only dishonest people can deny it. There should be a massive backlash by all Americans against Democrats’ politically motivated racist hate speech being translated by minority Democrats into murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries and aggravated assaults of Caucasians little different from what Mugabe incited against whites in Zimbabwe.
african americans again. why does it take police so long decide if this was a hate crime or not?
There are 30 40 brothas in Iowa, who knew? and it takes 30-40 pansy's to beat one guy? I thought the coloreds were supposed to be tough, did the media lie to me again? I'm shocked I tell ya shocked.
Al Sharpton and Rev Jessie will be all over this screaming "Racism" and "Hate Crime" I am sure as the Easter Bunny they will.
I wonder how maybe Pres. George W. Bush was working on the story @ ithappensalot. Did you ever ask him to do anything? After all, it was 6 1/2 years, so he could have done something. SO NOW, after a white president ignored racial attacks against white people, you're expecting a black president to repond!! What! Are you crazy?! ps I'm a Democrat now. My parents raised me believing the Republican party wasn't conservative enough. But as I experienced the world (I was i.the USAF) I learned they were wrong. At first I just thought Reagan was OK, then I became more mature in my politics, and I realixed that wasn't it. And now I'm a Democrat!!!
Thanks for your service, Tim. Your argument lacks logic timholcomb. The question, based on your argument is: Would a Black President respond to a White on Black incident? The answer is, yes. Remember the Black professor (Professor Gates) who was arrested while trying to break in to his own house? "Obama's response? Cambridge police acted stupidly." What has our first Black President and his DOJ said about the Black Panther's intimidating voters? ...Crickets, Tim. I'm not here to defend Bush. He was/is just as guilty as the rest of the cowardly media and politicians. Black on White crime occurs and mums the word, that's the status quo. Guess you're OK with that. (?) And again, it was then Senator Obama who called for the "conversation about race relations" not GWB. I agree with Obama, let's talk! So far he really hasn't said a word.
I always question when someone writes "I am a (fill in the political party) now"
It's time that more whites start carrying concealed. When 50% of their victims start opening fire on them, the crowd of black thugs will dissipate quickly.
A BIG thank you for reporting this story. This exact same thing happened in Milwaukee on July 7th 2002. The race-riot occurred at Milwaukee's Summerfest (the world's larges music festival) just two evenings before the MLB All Star game was to be played at Miller Park. With the "eyes of the nation" on Milwaukee, the cover-up of this story was unprecedented. It happened just before closing time. A large, organized group of black youth began beating anyone solely based on the color (white) of their skin. It got so bad that the security and police stopped intervening because they were so grossly outnumbered. There were a minimum of 150 security guards and policemen on the scene just to give you a glimpse of the size of the mob. What happened afterward was sickening. Police reports filed by victims just plain vanished and World Festival Incorporated demanded the security and employees of Summerfest tow the company line: "Deny any of it ever happened." Sadly the lemmings (Media and police included) agreed. Would this have been a horrible black-eye on the festival and the city? Absolutely! With that said, I understand how this non-profit would want to sweep this under the rug as this is not something that defines this truly great festival. The saddest thing of all is it makes me wonder just how often these racially motivated crimes occur. We all know if this were white on black crime it would be world-wide headline news. I stand behind our president in his campaign request, "it's time to have the talk about race." So, Mr. Obama, I am ready - let's talk! Perhaps Eric Holder and your justice department can begin to look into these events and bring the racists to justice! And be sure to use the Hate Crimes angle too! But I digress.... aint never gonna' happen. If we are ever to "all just get along" we need to expose ALL racist activity. Sadly, I don't see it happening. Again, thanks to the Des Moines Register and the police officials who have shown the courage to expose this racist mob and God bless America.