Big Busts At San Antonio Airport

"Intoxicated" Playboy models arrested after rowdy in-flight antics

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Big Busts At San Antonio Airport

DECEMBER 9--Facing arrest along with a fellow Playboy model for getting plastered and disrupting an airline flight bound for San Antonio, Danielle Gamba allegedly came up with a plan to avoid charges: she made "sexual advances" to a pair of cops. However, in a tribute to the morally erect officers of the San Antonio Police Department, the 23-year-old Gamba's gambit Sunday failed and she was booked, along with Carrie Minter, 22, on a public intoxication rap. According to a police report, a copy of which you'll find below, Gamba and Minter were "yelling and cussing" and were "intoxicated to the point that they were a threat" to themselves and others. Arresting officers noted that the women, who got rowdy on a two-hour Frontier Airlines flight from Denver, had slurred speech, watery eyes, and reeked of booze. Gamba (identified in the report as AP2, or arrested person 2) was also "continually using the word Fuck," while Minter (AP1) "just sat there crying and yelling." Minter, Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month for February 2005, was reportedly en route to a lingerie show. It is unclear where Gamba, Cyber Girl of the Month for October 2004, was headed. The women, who spent five hours in custody before making bail, did not have to pose for mug shots since they were each only charged with a misdemeanor. Finally, if you ever run into Officers Cosby and Martinez, make sure to salute them for turning down illicit favors from a raven-haired temptress with 34D breasts. (2 pages)

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Obviously, after doing a search on these two and checking out their images, I'd NEVER make it as a cop. I would have definitely suCUMmed.