Branding Paris Hilton

Heiress seeks to trademark name, creates logo fit for a princess

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Branding Paris Hilton

AUGUST 27--After just discovering the ridiculous Trump University trademark application, TSG should have known better than to keep looking in U.S. Patent and Trademark Office files.

Because we've now unfortunately learned that this dopey Paris Hilton not only is seeking to trademark her name (so she can slap it on everything from footwear and kitchen utensils to shot glasses and essential oils), but the 23-year-old heirhead actually has her own logo. And it features a tiara monogrammed with a royal "P" (somewhere, the great Paul Rand is weeping).

Here you'll find a copy of Hilton's July 26 trademark application, filed on her behalf by the powerhouse L.A. entertainment law firm Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, etc.

In May, Hilton's father Richard filed an application seeking a Paris Hilton TM for use on fragrances, body lotion, bath gel, soap, and cosmetics.

Both trademark requests are pending review by government examiners who surely have better things to do. (6 pages)