Bubba Humps

Cops: Exhibitionist filmed self in public places around Sioux Falls

AUGUST 2--A South Dakota man was charged this week with indecent exposure after cops discovered a cache of homemade videotapes featuring the 60-year-old pleasuring himself at sites across his Sioux Falls neighborhood. According to the below arrest warrant affidavit filed in Minnehaha County Circuit Court, police discovered 'numerous VHS videotapes and eight millimeter tapes' in the home of Verle 'Bubba' Dills, who is pictured at right. Cops raided Dills's home after he was spotted in a neighbor's backyard (at 5:45 AM) wearing a trench coat, a mask made of pantyhose, and black fishnet stockings. He was, of course, lugging around a video camera and tripod. The affidavit describes--in very creepy detail--eight of the pervy public acts Dills allegedly committed over the past three years. In addition to six counts of indecent exposure, Dills has been charged with burglary and unlawful occupancy. (6 pages)