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Nasty NASCAR star ripped Arizona cops during traffic stop

NOVEMBER 18--When he was pulled over last week by a Phoenix cop, belligerent NASCAR driver Kurt Busch told the officer, 'You're only doing this because you're a Jeff Gordon fan.' That ridiculous gem is one highlight from three entertaining Maricopa County Sheriff's Office reports on the November 11 traffic stop near the Phoenix International Raceway (copies of the reports, which were released yesterday, can be found below). Busch, the 27-year-old reigning Nextel Cup champion, also made sure to tell sheriff's deputies, 'You guys are a joke, punks. Aren't you supposed to be directing traffic somewhere?' And, of course, he repeatedly asked, 'Do you know who I am?' The cop who pulled Busch over, Deputy Glenn Powe, reported that Busch followed that query up with a 'long-winded dissertation about his celebrity status, listing his accomplishments as if he were reading me his resume.' Powe, who cited Busch for reckless driving, a misdemeanor, explained that he did not follow stock car racing. Powe also noted that Busch exclaimed, 'I'm not doing this gay-ass test,' when asked to perform one sobriety test. Deputy J. McFarland noted that the combative Busch told officers 'you guys are out of control,' while Lieutenant Randy Brice reported that Busch, using the voice of an 'impertinent child,' exclaimed, 'This is just a bunch of high school games!' Busch, Brice added, continued to 'bluster and struggle' until he was handcuffed. At that point, Busch said, 'You have no idea who I am! You have to be the dumbest cops I have ever met! You are going to regret this!' While Powe reported smelling alcohol on Busch, a preliminary breathalyzer test showed the driver to be far below the state's legal limit. Busch, who has apologized to cops for his combativeness, was suspended for the final two races of the NASCAR season by Roush Racing, for whom he has driven for the last five years. (8 pages)