Bush Snitch Also A Deadbeat

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Bush Snitch Also A Deadbeat

Here's hoping that a supermarket tabloid offers some serious dough for the story of the Texas restaurant manager who snitched out the hard-partyin' Bush twins. Because not only is Mia Lawrence a tattletale, she's a deadbeat who just declared bankruptcy, according to federal court records.

Lawrence, who earns $3000-a-month running Chuy's in Austin, filed a Chapter 7 petition in early-March, listing $37,500 in debts. As this list of creditors shows, Lawrence, 40, has not paid various credit card bills, a car loan, two lines of credit, and several medical expenses.

Included in assets that Lawrence claims are exempt from liquidation are about $9000 in cash, household goods totaling $4000, a Chuy's pension worth $6700, and a $2500 Volvo. Oh, and she values her dogs at an exempt $100.

Sadly, Austin cops do not offer a reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of margarita maidens. (4 pages)