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Busted Bubbas And Baby Girls

Our weekly mug shot roundup of those recently fingered by the law

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Busted Bubbas And Baby Girls

AUGUST 8--This end-of-the-week mug shot roundup kicks off with a 25-year-old woman who apparently has little regard for New Jersey's law enforcement community. After being bounced from a Shore bar, the arrestee allegedly kicked and punched cops and even tried to bite one officer.

As for the other images, a few notes: 1) The woman on page #2 has a new hairdo, but that same wonderful smile every time she's popped (most recently August 1 as seen in the far right photo); 2) That is not Captain Lou Albano's son on page #4; 3) We're not sure who prevailed in the contest advertised by the perp on page #5; 4) That is not Jenny McCarthy's older sister on page #9; 5) Cops listed the hair color of the suspect on page #12 as brown; and 6) In case you somehow missed her nickname, the bustee on page #14 helpfully has it printed in two locations. (17 pages)