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Coke Dealer's Gas Surcharge

Cops: Indiana man passed along rising fuel costs to drug customers

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Coke Dealer's Gas Surcharge

SEPTEMBER 18--Spiraling gas prices led an Indiana drug dealer to levy a fuel oil surcharge on customers purchasing cocaine, according to investigators.

Anthony Salinas, 18, tacked on the gasoline surcharge when he sold a confidential police source coke on two occasions in June. While arranging one buy, Salinas told the source that a quarter-ounce of cocaine would cost $240--$215 for the drug itself and '$25.00 for gas money to deliver the cocaine,' according to the court affidavit, a copy of which you'll find here.

Salinas, a Hammond resident, was named last week in a two-count felony information charging him with 'dealing in cocaine.' (4 pages)