Cops: Skier Exposed Self On Chairlift

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Cops: Skier Exposed Self On Chairlift

CHARGED: Florida cop traded favors for lap dance.

The highlight of this year's Aspen ski season, which closes April 20, had to be the arrest of Lucas Ross. On Christmas Day, the 28-year-old Colorado bartender shared a ride on an Aspen Mountain chairlift with a woman whom he had never met. Halfway up the slope, according to this Pitkin County Sheriff's report, Ross exclaimed, "Oh, my God." When the woman looked over to see what had happened, she discovered Ross's "penis sticking out of his zipper." Ross (whose mug shot is below) quickly explained his flash, telling the victim, "I guess I forgot to zip up. I was wondering why I was so cold down there." The alleged perv, who was charged with misdemeanor exposure, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (4/8). (3 pages)

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