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Inmate Douses Prosecutor With Urine

Attacker faced sentencing for attempted murder

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Courtroom Attack

SEPTEMBER 6--A Florida Man awaiting sentencing for attempted murder doused a prosecutor with urine Wednesday during an attack in a Fort Lauderdale courtroom.

According to a criminal complaint, Albert Narvaez, 28, was inside Judge Susan Alspector’s courtroom when he charged at Assistant State Attorney Andrew Newman and “threw urine fluid” at the lawyer.

“The urine went inside [Newman’s] mouth and outer clothing,” an investigator reported. Newman was the lead prosecutor in the attempted murder case for which Narvaez was convicted and scheduled to be sentenced.

Pictured at right, Narvaez, who worked at a Hallandale Beach sports bar, was convicted of firing several shots at his girlfriend as she ran from his vehicle following an argument in June 2017. The woman was not struck by the five or six bullets fired by Narvaez.

Narvaez has been in custody at the Broward County jail in connection with the attempted murder case. It is unclear if he transported the bodily fluid into Alspector’s courtroom, or whether he urinated into some kind of a container while there.

After the urine attack, Narvaez stated, “He pissed on me. He told me to do it. Fuck him,” according to the court complaint.

Narvaez was charged with misdemeanor battery. His sentencing in the attempted murder case was postponed. (2 pages)