Man Battered Wife After She Posted His Bail

Suspect punched victim in front of police HQ

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S.C. Jail Attack

OCTOBER 12--Moments after his wife bailed him out of jail today, a South Carolina man punched the woman in the face as the pair walked out the police department’s front door, according to an arrest report.

Robert Christian Chandler, 30, was freed from the Myrtle Beach jail around midnight after his spouse posted $262 bond. But Chandler, who had been locked up on a disorderly conduct charge, did not appear grateful for his release.

“What are you doing here, ho?” Chandler asked his wife multiple times, cops reported. A surveillance camera in the police department’s lobby recorded Chandler “grabbing the victim aggressively” as they walked toward the front door.

Upon exiting police headquarters, Chandler punched his wife in the face, according to a police dispatch supervisor who witnessed the attack. Video shows the woman “hitting the wall outside the doors,” while the supervisor can be heard saying, “He just hit her.”

The 30-year-old victim had cuts on her right arm and her nose was swollen, police noted. While acknowledging that Chandler “grabbed and shoved her,” she said that she did not want him “in any more trouble as she just bailed him out of jail.”

Chandler, seen above, was arrested at the police station and returned to jail, this time for misdemeanor domestic violence.

However, the unemployed Chandler only spent about ten hours in custody before he was released from the lockup on a $2130 personal recognizance bond. (1 page)