Don't Shave, Don't Tell

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Don't Shave, Don't Tell

When it comes to the way military men and women dress, the U.S. armed forces have a rule for everything, from formal wear to nail polish. The responsibility for establishing and enforcing these policies falls to official Uniform Boards staffed by military brass.

Here are two three-page excerpts from 1996 minutes of meetings held by the Marine Corps' uniform watchdogs. The subject at hand was leg hair, specifically one woman's refusal to shave despite a superior's order. Amazingly, the staff non-commissioned officer was disenrolled for her recalcitrance (though she was later reinstated).

Sensing the touchy nature of the leg shaving subject, Marine officials worried that the issue "could easily become a headliner in the Washington Post." Well, for the time being, they'll have to settle for The Smoking Gun, which thanks Freedom of Information maven Michael Ravnitzky for providing this entertaining paper.

Redactions in the document were done by Marine legal staffers. (6 pages)