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Dr. Jack Mehoff On Sex Education

Pranksters sent phony letters to parents of Florida high schoolers

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Dr. Jack Mehoff On Sex Education

JUNE 4--Weeks after some young Oregonians pulled a similar prank, Florida teenagers mailed a phony sex education letter to the homes of hundreds of fellow students. The missives, printed on Hernando High School letterhead and apparently mailed from the institution itself, included condoms and were sent to the parents of as many as 400 members of the school's sophomore class.

According to Hernando Today, the pranksters accessed mailing lists from the school's database and used the school's postage machine. The phony letter reported that, due to budget cuts and the passage of 'Amendment One,' a sex ed class would no longer be offered, and asked parents to 'take on the responsibility of teaching their children about safe sex.' The condoms were apparently included to aid this learning process.

Two seniors have taken responsibility for the prank letter, which was authored by 'Doctor Jack Mehoff,' the school's purported principal. Questions about the curriculum change should be directed to administrator Gimme Moorhead or his secretary, Miss Ivanna Humpalot, advised the letter. (1 page)