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Dude, Where's My Credit Card?

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Dude, Where's My Credit Card?

Marilyn Manson Criminal Complaint

1) It's tough being rich and famous--take Kate Hudson, for example. On August 15, the Academy Award nominee filed a lawsuit alleging that former assistant Margaret Miller embezzled $63,000 from her. The lawsuit claims that Miller, who was canned in March, used the 22-year-old actress's credit cards and bank accounts for scores of unauthorized purchases over a 12-month period. Hudson included this detailed accounting of her ex-employee's spending spree (from Prada to the Century Car Wash!) as part of her Los Angeles Superior Court filing. The most egregious purchase? We'd say it was the $351 Tiffany & Co. wedding present Miller allegedly bought for Hudson and hubby/Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. (12 pages)

2) Marilyn Manson (a/k/a Brian Warner) has been charged with criminal sexual conduct for allegedly assaulting a security guard during a July 30 concert in suburban Detroit. Prosecutors claim that Warner, "while dressed in a g-string," approached guard Joshua Keasler "from behind while rubbing his own genital area. After spitting on Kessler's head, Warner wrapped his legs around Keasler and rubbed his genital area on Keasler's head and neck." As this criminal complaint notes, if Warner is convicted of the felony charge, he'll have to be tested for an array of STDs. (2 pages)