Armed Robber Not Ready For Fatherhood

Emergency contraceptives stolen in stickup

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Contraceptive Robbery

JULY 7--Oklahoma police are searching for an armed robber who stole three boxes of an emergency contraceptive during a stickup Monday evening at a Walgreens pharmacy.

According to cops, the male suspect--wearing a motorcycle helmet and gloves--entered the Walgreens in Edmond around 8:30 PM and placed three packages of the emergency contraceptive Take Action into a drawstring bag.

Each package--which retails for about $40--contains one dose of the over-the-counter product, which is intended to reduce the chance of pregnancy following unprotected sex or a contraceptive mishap.

After a Walgreens employee spotted the helmeted thief swiping the Take Action packages, a store manager approached the man and asked him to hand over the items (which the suspect had placed inside a Nike backpack he carried into the business).

When confronted by the Walgreens manager, the man placed the backpack on the floor and opened it before standing back up. As detailed in a police report, store surveillance video recorded the manager then placing his hands in the air and backing away from the thief, who appeared to be brandishing a small handgun.

The suspect, who fled the store on a motorcycle, was described by witnesses as a thin white man who was at least 6’ 2” tall. And apparently not eager to become a father. (1 page)