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Facing The Music

Mug shot session rudely interrupts perp's listening pleasure

mug shot roundup

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Facing The Music

JULY 16--The Miami man who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup appears to have been in the midst of a DJ set when collared. The 41-year-old was busted yesterday on a trespassing charge.

A few notes about the other suspects: 1) The leg tattoos on the 22-year-old man on page #2 reveal him to be both a Founding Fathers and "Family Guy" fan; 2) You'd think some jailer would have mentioned to the South Carolina woman on page #5 that there was a stray rubber band on her turtleneck; 3) The John Lennon signature tattoo on page #8 belongs to an 18-year-old Florida guy who was busted Monday for underage drinking; and 4) The Tennessee man, 35, on page #12 was popped for passing a bad check. We're guessing the recipient of that bad paper had a reaction similar to the sentiment on the perp's neck. (12 pages)