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FBI: Clinton Fundraiser Confesses

Shadowy Norman Hsu charged with fraud, election law raps

Norman Hsu

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FBI: Clinton Fundraiser Confesses

SEPTEMBER 20--Norman Hsu, the disgraced Hillary Clinton fundraiser, confessed to the FBI last week that his purported business empire was nothing but a pyramid scheme and that he pressured the investors he duped into contributing to political candidates he supported.

Hsu was named today in a three-count criminal complaint charging him with mail and wire fraud, and a violation of federal election law. According to the complaint, an excerpt of which you'll find here, Hsu contacted FBI agents last Thursday and said he "wanted to speak with them about his current criminal activity without his lawyers present."

During a September 14 meeting with Hsu, who was imprisoned in Colorado on an outstanding warrant from California, the swindler waived his Miranda rights and admitted his operation of a multimillion dollar investment scheme. He also acknowledged that he "made implied threats to his investors to pressure them to contribute to political candidates he supported." But the complaint, which was unsealed today in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, does not identify the federal candidates to whom Hsu steered money. (2 pages)