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Feds To Vick: Pay Up

Prosecutors want $928,000 for care of pit bulls seized from athlete

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Feds To Vick: Pay Up

NOVEMBER 20--Concerned that Michael Vick's shaky financial condition could keep him from paying for the care of dozens of pit bulls, federal prosecutors today asked a judge to order the athlete to put aside $928,000 to guarantee that he fulfills a legal obligation to support the animals.

Citing a recent series of lawsuits filed against the former NFL star, government lawyers filed a motion for a restraining order that would bar Vick, 27, from dissipating assets that would be needed to satisfy minimum restitution orders. Prosecutors estimate that $928,073.04 will be needed for the 'care, euthanasia, and long-term care' of 53 dogs seized from his Virginia property during an April raid.

An excerpt of the government motion, filed today in U.S. District Court in Richmond, can be found here.

Along with listing lawsuits seeking a total of nearly $6 million from Vick, the motion notes that an arbitrator last month ruled that the Atlanta Falcons, Vick's former team, can recover about $20 million in bonuses that had previously been paid to the quarterback. Vick is appealing the ruling. (6 pages)

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Stick it to him. Hope the feds are like the Pit Bulls he so casually killed and maimed and sink in their teeth and don't let go until he has the life drained from him. Serves the a$$hole for what he did. Add to that, shame on the Eagles for hiring him. The NFL should have fired him permanently. Let him play arena ball or go to Canada and try to get a job.