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Get Out Of Jail Free

...but not before having your mug shot taken for this week's roundup

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Get Out Of Jail Free

JULY 25--As seen here, our mug shot roundup kicks off this week with a guy who seemingly couldn't be more pleased about posing for an Oklahoma sheriff's deputy.

But not every suspect is so chipper and enthusiastic. The perp on page #2, Carol Hovenkamp Carbone, is a former Miss Kansas who ranked #80 on Maxim magazine's 2001 'Hot 100' list. Of course, that was before she got banged up during a scuffle last week that ended with her arrest on disorderly conduct, battery, and felony drug charges. And as for the 23-year-old arrestee seen in the photos on page #5, he began getting busted in 2003 (top left photo) and was most recently jailed on July 21 (bottom right photo). (15 pages)