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Get Out Of My Mug Shot!

That isn't the perp's lawyer crashing roundup photo #1

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Get Out Of My Mug Shot!

APRIL 16--Here's an idea for the cops in Kentucky who photographed the perp who kicks off this week's roundup: Throw up some police tape around your mug shot camera so that next time arrestees like the 26-year-old woman busted Wednesday for disorderly conduct wouldn't have to share their moment in front of the lens with an interloper.

As for the other suspects, a couple of notes: 1) The 20-year-old Mississippian on page #3 and the 35-year-old Florida resident on page #9 share more than just a love of...message t-shirts. They were both arrested this week for meth possession; and 2) The Georgia man on page #11 was not only too busy to remove his shades, he could not be bothered to dislodge that ridiculous Bluetooth device from his ear. (15 pages)

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Most of these aren't mugshots. SmokingGun can go screw.