The Harry Potter Ecstasy Pill

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The Harry Potter Ecstasy Pill

In the latest attempt to distinctively brand their illegal products, New York City drug dealers have begun peddling Ecstasy pills bearing images from the popular Harry Potter books and movies.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn this week charged 14 people with allegedly smuggling 400,000 pills of the popular club drug into the U.S. from Europe. Included in that large stash--which was intercepted by Drug Enforcement Administration and Customs Service agents--were the so-called Harry Potters, pills that retail in Gotham for about $25.

Here you'll find an evidence photograph, provided to us by the DEA, of a seized Ecstasy pill bearing Harry's initials in the young wizard's distinctive lightning typeface. (1 page)

Before Harry Potter E, there was Bin Laden heroin.